2001 british theses about africa

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Alhassan, A.Y. Effect of seedbed type and different intercrop densities of Soya bean (Glycine max) and pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) on the performance of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) in the Guinea savannah zone of Ghana. Ph.D., London, Wye College.­

Appleby, J.H. Biology of bruchid pests of stored bambara groundnuts (Vigna subterranea (L.)) - with special reference to imaginal polymorphism in Callosobruchus subinnotatus. Ph.D., London, Royal Holloway and Bedford New

Braimah, L.I. Management of Lake Volta fisheries resources on a sustainable basis [Ghana]. Ph.D., Hull.­

Hartemink, A.E. Soil fertility decline in the tropics with case studies on plantation crops [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Reading.­
Hearne, S.J. Morphological, physiological and molecular interactions between maize and the parasitic angiosperm Striga hermonthica [West Africa]. Ph.D., Sheffield.­
Kasulo, V.S.W. Bioeconomic management of aquatic ecosystems for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of biodiversity [Malawi]. Ph.D., York.­
Longley, C.A. A social life of seeds: local management of crop variability in North-Western Sierra Leone. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Maruthi, M.N. Bemisia tabaci and geminivirus variability in relation to cassava mosaic disease. Ph.D., Greenwich.
Ndufa, J.K. Nitrogen and soil organic matter benefits to maize by fast growing pure and mixed species legume fallows in western Kenya. Ph.D., U. of London, Imperial Coll. of Science, Technology and Medicine.­
Nyeko, P. The diversity and impact of herbivorous insects and pathogens on Alnus species in Uganda: a challenge in agroforestry. Ph.D., Wales, Bangor.­
Osbahr, H. Livelihood strategies and soil fertility at Fandou Beri, southwestern Nigeria. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Owusu, E.H. Community forest conservation in Ghana: the potential of Mount Afadjato and Agumatsa Range for ecotourism. Ph.D., Kent.­
Rodwell, L.D. Marine reserves and the enhancement of tropical fisheries [Kenya]. D.Phil., York.­
Sam-Amoah, L.K. Assessment of potential and actual performance of rice production systems in Ghana. Ph.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­
Sikana, P.M. Agro-pastoralism and market integration: transformation and continuity of the multiple roles of cattle among the cattle keepers of Bulozi Flood Plains, Western Zambia. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Symeonakis, E. Soil erosion modelling over sub-Saharan Africa using remote sensing and geographical information systems. Ph.D., U. of London.­
Tuson, J.C. Environment and livelihood systems in the forest savanna interface: a study in Brong Amafo, Ghana. Ph.D., Wales, Bangor.­


Abd El Salam, S.A. Egyptian and Graeco-Roman wall plasters and mortars: a comparative scientific study. D.Phil, Leicester.­
Buckley, S.A. Chemical investigations of the organic embalming agents employed in ancient Egyptian mummification. Ph.D., Bristol.­
Clarke, J. Oppression and caring: a feminist ethnography of working to improve patient care in Ethiopia. Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin (Univ. of Dublin).­
Eltringham, N.P. Discourse and genocide: the contest for 'reality' in post-genocide Rwanda. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Hall, P.M. Unity and faith: the negotiation of social and religious identities in Calabar [Nigeria]. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Henry, L.W. Doing development and being Gurage: the embeddedness of development in Sebat Bet Gurage identities [Ethiopia]. Ph.D., Open U.­
Kea, P.J. The politics of difference: female farmers and clientelist relations in a changing Gambian community. Ph.D., London, Sch. of Oriental and African Studies.­
Leopold, M. The roots of violence and the reconstruction of society in north Western Uganda. Ph.D., Oxford.­
Ohinata, H. Archaeology of iron-using farming communities in Swaziland: pots, people and life during the first and second millennia. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Samuels, F. "We Kaonde we don't migrate": the stretching of contemporary Kaonde life-worlds between rural and urban. [Zambia]. D.Phill., Sussex.­
Taylor, M.J. Life, land and power: contesting development in northern Botswana. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­

Biological Sciences

Al-Ghamdi, F.A.K. Systematics of the genus Lavandula L. (Lamiaceae) in the Middle East and tropical N.E. Africa. Ph.D., Reading.­
Allender, C.J. Molecular markers and the speciation of African cichlid fish. Ph.D., Southampton.­
Angus, B.J. Pathophysiological aspects of severe falciparum malaria in Thailand and Ghana. M.D., Glasgow.­
Baha El Din, S.M. The herpetofauna of Egypt: species, communities and assemblages. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Bailes, E. Origins and evolution of primate lentiviruses. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Bayoh, M.N. Studies on the development and survival of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto at various temperatures and relative humidities [Gambia]. Ph.D., Durham.
Bro-Jorgensen, J. Lek-breeding in Topi antelopes (Damaliscus lunatus) [Tanzania]. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.
Carrick, P.J. Shrub community dynamics in a South African semi-desert [South Africa]. Ph.D., Cambridge.
Dallimer, M. Migration patterns of the redbilled quelea (Quelea quelea) in southern Africa: genetics, morphology and behaviour. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Darbyshire, I.A. Pollen and charcoal records of Late Holocene environmental change in East Africa. Ph.D., Wales, Aberystwyth.­
Dilane, E. Population genetics and molecular systematics of the ommastrephid squid species, Illex coindetii (Verany, 1839) and Todaropsis eblanae (Ball, 1841) [Mauritania]. Ph.D., University Coll., Cork.
Espira, A. Variations in the ground ant communities of Kakamega Forest, Western Kenya: potential indicators of forest disturbance. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Fuller, S.C. Implementation of natural resources management policy in Zimbabwe 1980-1999. Ph.D., Kent.­
Jetz, W. Biodiversity of African birds. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Kharusy, M.N.M. Geographical variation in the laboratory reared populations of the Larger Grain Borer, Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae): an important stored products pest of maize and dry cassava. Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff.
Leakey, L.N. Body weight estimation of bovidae and plio-pleistocene faunal change, Turkana basin, Kenya. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Morgan, B.J. Ecology of mammalian frugivores in the Réserve de Fauna du Petit Loango, Gabon. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Mvumi, B.M. The ecology of stored grain insects in Zimbabwe and their control using diatomaceous earths with particular reference to the grain moth Sitotroga cerealella. Ph.D., Greenwich.­
Nahonyo, C.L. Human elephant conflicts in the Greater Ruaha Ecosystem, Tanzania. Ph.D., Kent.­
Pratt, S.E. The "Time of Truth" and "Modern Times": Contested conceptions of "obedience" and "authority" within a Hausa village, Maradi, Niger. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Pullen, S.L. Behavioural and genetic studies of the mating system in a nocturnal primate: the lesser galago (Galago moholi) [South Africa]. Ph.D., Cambridge.
Reeves, G. Radiation and macroevolutionary ecology of the African genus protea [South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of London, Imperial Coll. of Science, Technology and Medicine.­
Ribot, I. Craniomandibular variation in sub-Saharan Africa: sexual dimorphism, geography, ecology and history. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Sithole, M.P. Identity and social change in Msinga district of Northern KwaZulu-Natal. [South Africa]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Skov, M.W. Reproduction and feeding ecology of East African mangrove crabs, and their influence on forest energy flow [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Smith, R.J. Designing an integrated protected area network for Maputaland, South Africa. Ph.D., Kent.­
Zaki-Eldeen, S. The effects of elevated CO2 and water stress on two C4 pasture species (Blepharis linariifolia and Cenchrus biflorus) native to Sudan. Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin.­

Business Administration

Enwefah, J.E. Human resource management in developing countries: a study of multinational companies in the Nigerian oil industry. Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff.­
Essoo, N. A study of cultural influences on consumer behaviour in a small island economy: religious influences on purchasing behaviour in Mauritius. Ph.D., Warwick.­
Fildes, J. Constraints to small firm growth and the role of business advice in townships on the Cape Flats, South Africa. Ph.D., Open U.­
Holzer, B. Transnational subpolitics and corporate discourse: A study of environmental protest and the Royal Dutch/Shell Group [Nigeria]. Ph.D., London, London School of Economics and Political Science.­
Kojima, S. The transferability of the lean production system to an emerging economy: The case of the South African auto components industry. D.Phill., Sussex.­
Msweli-Mbanga, P. Distributor retention in network marketing organisations: the South African case. Ph.D., Exeter.­
Ndaba, J. An empirical study of total quality management (TQM) implementation in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) context: A proposed model of best practice. Ph.D., Bradford.­
Saleh, M.M. Accounting information disclosure and accountability: cases from Libya. Ph.D., Sheffield Hallam.­

Earth Sciences

Evans, J.M. Gold exploration in tropically weathered terrains: the formation, evolution and geochemistry of lateritic profiles in Liberia and Guinea, West Africa. Ph.D., Southampton.­
Hammer, M. Growth, development and life history variation among early African hominids. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Henderson, Z.L. Spatial patterning at southern African middle Pleistocene open-air sites: Florisbad, Duinefontein 2/2 and Mwanganda's Village. [South Africa & Malawi]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Irvine, G.J. Time constraints on the formation of lithospheric mantle beneath cratons: a Re-Os isotope and platinum group element study of peridotite xenoliths from northern Canada and Lesotho. Ph.D., Durham.­
Jennings, J.S. Fracture kinematics, cementation and burial history of a structurally polyphase sedimentary basin, Tunisia. Ph.D., Kingston.­
Messelles, H. Diagenesis related to thrust-sheet emplacement: Tellian Atlas, northern Algeria. Ph.D., Reading.­
Nama, E.E. Detection of landscape changes arising from tectonism and volcanism on Mount Cameroon. Ph.D., Salford.­
Philips, B.R. Tectonic controls on carbonate reservoir development on the Pelagian Platform, central Mediterranean. Ph.D., London, Imperial Coll. Of Science, Tech. and Medicine.­
Sargeant, F. The seismic stratigraphy of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa. Ph.D., Liverpool.­


Abdelaziz, G.S. Service quality in Egyptian banking: dimensions and their relative importance. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Afify, A.S. Privatization: problems of implementation in Egypt. Ph.D., Aston.­
Brück, T. Coping with peace: post-war household strategies in northern Mozambique. Ph.D., Oxford.­
Chigumira, G. Financial liberalisation in Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Dickinson, D.G. National identity and economic development: The workplace challenge project in the South African plastics industry. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Elamin, A.E.M.M. Strategy development processes in selected Sudanese enterprises. Ph.D., Lancaster.­
Elsiefy, E. Portfolio performance evaluation and selection: Theory and evidence from the Egyptian Emerging Capital Market. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Gelana, A. Impacts of devaluation on urban-rural interactions: a computable general equilibrium model for the Ethiopian economy. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Gundry, S.W. The design of a modelling framework to simulate the local food system of a rural community in Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Haileyesus, A. Linking formal and informal financial institutions in North Omo Zone (Ethiopia): an exploratory study of smallholding farmers group formation and financial services provision in Boloso Sore and Kindo Koisha Woredas.

Ph.D., Reading U. (U.K.).­

Hendy, A.M.E. The impact of financial liberalisation on portfolio shifts: the 1990s experience with particular reference to the Egyptian economy. Ph.D., Salford.­
Kapayi, J.M. The effects of fiscal policy on inflation. (Zambia 1956-1999). Ph.D., Reading.­
Karley, N.K. Institutional finance and household requirements: a case study of mortgage provision in South Africa. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Kayaga, S.M. The influence of customer perceptions of urban utility water services on bill payment behaviour: findings from Uganda. Ph.D., Loughborough.­
Lallchand, J. Capital markets development in sub-Saharan Africa: A case study of Mauritius. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Levermore, R.J. The European Union/South Africa Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement: decision-making, participation and perceived economic impacts. Ph.D., Plymouth.­
Mambu, T. The impediments to development in two West Africa states 1965-95. Ph.D., Kent.­
Monkge, C.B. The relationship between education, skill formation and economic development: the case of Botswana. Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff.­
Mustafa, H.E-N.G. Aspects of Sudanese trade 1970-1992. Ph.D., Hull.­
Muyembe, M. Economic integration among developing countries. A vehicle for economic growth and development: the case of Preferential Trade Area of the Eastern and Southern African states. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Mwangi, M.N. Indigenous technical knowledge in water development: an investigation into the role of indigenous technical knowledge in development of sustainable rural water supplies [Kenya]. Ph.D., Loughborough.­
Naylor, R.J. Liberalisation and social change in rural northern Ghana: the case of cotton production in Mamprugu. Ph.D., Hull.­
Ndemo, E.B. Growth determinants of micro and small manufacturing enterprises in Kenya. Ph.D., Sheffield.­
Ngugi, R.W. Four essays on corporate finance issues in emerging stock markets [Kenya]. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Nyawata, O, I.M. Financial liberalization and monetary policy in Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Surrey.­
Odei-Tettey, K. Institutions and development management in Ghana: the post-Revolutionary years. Ph.D., Bristol.­
Ogunsola, B.L. An ergonomic investigation of computer workstations at Nigerian banks. Ph.D., Loughborough.­
Osei, R.D. Essays on aid, trade and growth in Ghana. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Pantuliano, S. Changing livelihoods: urban adaptation of Beja pastoralists of Halaib province (NE Sudan) and NGO planning approaches [Sudan]. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Ramharak, H. Enhancing post apartheid South Africa: a comparative study of competing approaches. Ph.D., East Anglia.­
Ribeiro, A.J.M.M. Institutional development for community based resource management: A Mozambican case study. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Rufai, A. Strategic development of sustainable urban water resources in Nigeria. Ph.D., Manchester, UMIST.­
Steyn, G. Governance, finance and investment: decision making and risk in the electric power sector [South Africa]. D.Phil, Sussex.­
Swinnerton, K.J. The ecology and conservation of the pink pigeon Columba mayeri in Mauritius. Ph.D., Kent.­
Tagoe, M.A. Economic reform and issues of equity in rural development: an assessment of cocoa farmers' access to productive assets in the central and western regions of Ghana. Ph.D., Reading.­
Tefula, M. Evaluating the performance of commercial banks in Sub Saharan Africa. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Terterov, M. Privatisation of public enterprises in Egypt, 1994-2000: a new strategy for the management of a statist economy. Ph.D., Oxford.­
Turkistani, A.Q. An analysis of foreign debt by the Arab countries with special reference to Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Ph.D., Leicester.­
Wakeford, R.C. Management of the Seychelles artisanal fishery. Ph.D., London, Imperial College of Sci., Tech. & Med.­
Yago, M.A. Determinants of investment and growth in sub-Saharan African countries: 1980-1997. Ph.D., Nottingham.­


Abdalla, M.I. The effect of background knowledge and text structure on Egyptian and Danish secondary school students' reading comprehension. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Aboelmaged, M.G.S. Supporting decision-making in higher educational institutions: towards a grounded theory of computer-based information systems adoption [Egypt]. Ph.D., Lancaster.­
Ackers, W.J. The impact of development assistance on national capacities for research, evaluation and policy and planning in education in developing countries. Ph.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­
Akbar, H.W. A study of the educational difficulties experienced by AIDS orphans in 5 Ugandan secondary schools. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Antoninis, E. The expansion of technical secondary education in Egypt and its effect on the labour market. D.Phil, Oxford.­
Ebrahim, A. Open and distance learning in higher education in Egypt: an evaluation of the degree programmes of the Centre of Open Learning in Cairo University. Ph.D., Bath.­
Gahin, G.H.M.A. An investigation into EFL teachers' beliefs and practices in Egypt: an exploratory study. Ph.D., Exeter.­
Kaphesi, E.S. The use of language in mathematics teaching in primary schools in Malawi: bringing language to the surface as an explicit feature in the teaching of mathematics. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Karim Ssesanga, N.A. Job satisfaction of university academics: Perspectives from Uganda. D.Ed, Bristol.­
Kessler, E. The role of the mediator in the integration of immigrant pupils in Israeli schools [Ethiopia]. D.Phil, Sussex.­
Kumwenda-Phiri, G.C. The establishment of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training model for science teachers in Malawi. Ph.D., Bath.­
Lee, M.A. The role of literacy in a changing society: an analysis of South African literacy field 1979-2000. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Leibowitz, B. Students' prior learning and their acquisition of academic literacy at a multilingual South African University. Ph.D., Sheffield.­
Monkge, C.B. Education, skill formation and economic development: the case of Botswana. Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff.­
Motlhabane, H. Botswana's Revised National Policy on Education implementation realities: the perspective of the Ministry of Education officials. Ph.D., Reading.­
Munthali, J.J. Education for all in Malawi: the problems and possibilities for girls' schooling. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Nock, S. Aspects of gender and mathematics: a case study of some secondary schools in Kenya. D.Ed., Leicester.­
Ntshingila-Khosa, R. Teacher responses to curriculum reform: a comparative study of primary schools in South Africa. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Ochurub, M. Developing and implementing the senior secondary curriculum in Namibia post-independence. D.Phil, Oxford Brookes.­
Okolo, C.N. Primary school children with learning difficulties in Lagos State: teachers' perceptions of provision and practice [Nigeria]. D.Phil., Brunel.­
Onneetse, B.C. An assessment of implementation of a staff development innovation and perceived effectiveness of staff development in Botswana colleges of education. Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff.­
Quaigrain, K.A. The practice of continuous assessment in the universities of Ghana: A case study evaluation. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Rajuili, K. Women defining the horizons: adult education in a rural community in South Africa 1979 - 2000. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Samson, S.L. Developing an eclectic pedagogical approach for training semi-literates to teach classes of children: with special reference to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ph.D., Wale.­
Seeco, E.G. A case study into the reading of Primary School Pupils in Botswana. D.Ed, Bristol.­
Seke, A. Gender differences in geography classrooms in senior secondary schools in Botswana. Ph.D., London, External.­
Sylvester, R. The mission of international education in Africa: principles of human unity and world-view in school mission statements and in the literature of the Bahá'í Faith. Ph.D., Bath.­
Walser, R.Y. Musical difference and cultural identity: An African musical tradition in English classrooms. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African.­
Withers, L. Collaborative dialogue and student learning: socio-linguistic research in two cultures [Zimbabwe]. Ph.D., Exeter.­

Environmental Sciences

Legesse, W. Sensitivity of biotic indices to natural disturbances [Ethiopia]. Ph.D., U. College, Cork.­


Alderson, M. Household resilience, food security and recurrent exogenous shocks: a study from the semi-arid communal areas of Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Durham.­
Alla-Ali, Y.F.A. Rural to urban change on the fringe of El-Mahalla El-Kubra town, Egypt: monitoring and mapping using geographical information systems. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Altumi, A. A. A decision support system for sustainable urban development of the Tripoli agglomeration-Libya. Ph.D., Dundee.­
Fello, N.M. Depositional environments, diagenesis and reservoir modelling of concession NC115, Murzuq Basin, SW Libya. Ph.D., Durham.­
James, N. A geographical study of Nembudziya, Gokwe North, Zimbabwe: the relationship between agrarian environmental change and household food security in a cotton growing area. Ph.D., Lancaster.­
Kirby, C. Hydrological controls on the dynamics of E. coli populations in the Romwe catchment, southern Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Reading.­
Ramluggun-Essoo, P.N. Economic valuation of the coastal zone in a small island economy: an application to beaches in Mauritius. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Thompson, C. An explication of tourism entrepreneurship in The Gambia. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Wolmer, W. L. Lowveld landscapes: Conservation, development and the wilderness vision in south-eastern Zimbabwe. D.Phil., Sussex.­

Health Sciences

Aziz, M.I.A. Malaria and the growth of children in rural Sudan: a trial of insecticide impregnated bednets. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Cresswell, M.P. Developing an integrated approach to epidemic forecasting, through the monitoring and prediction of meteorological variables associated with disease. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Dale, A. Helictobacter pylori infection and growth in rural Gambian children. M.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­
Doi, Y. Communities, malaria culture and the resurgence of highland malaria in western Kenya: a KAP study. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Eyber, C. Alleviating psychosocial suffering: an analysis of approaches to coping with war-related distress in Angola. Ph.D., Queen Margaret U. Coll.­
Franks, S.R. The molecular characterisation of Plasmodium falciparum infection and development of the humoral immune response in persistently infected Ghanaian infants. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Goodall, M. Trichomoniasis in Africa: rapid laboratory diagnosis [Nigeria]. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Hayes, R.J. Published work in the field of tropical epidemiology. D.Sc., Edinburgh.­
Jaffar, S. The natural history of HIV-1, HIV-2 and dual infections in sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., London, London Sch. of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.­
Kamiya, Y. Acute respiratory infection in young children in Nairobi, Kenya: epidemiological, clinical and microbiological study. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Kaul, R. Characterisation of HIV-specific immunity in a cohort of high-risk Kenyan sex workers. Ph.D., Open U.­
Kolawole, I.F. Impact of structural adjustment on nutrition: the use of existing data; a case study of Nigeria. Ph.D., London, King's College.­
Mharakurwa, S. Epidemiology of drug-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Zimbabwe. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Morgan, D. Natural history of HIV-1 infection in adults in rural Uganda. M.D., Liverpool.­
Waddell, K.M. Carcinoma of the conjunction in Uganda: clinical features of aetiology in relation to lumen immunodeficiency virus infection and other factors. M.D., Oxford.­
Walker, R. The risk factors and outcome for stroke in The Gambia, West Africa. M.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­
Watson-Jones, D.L. Impact of syphilis on outcome of pregnancy and evaluation of syphilis screening strategies for the reduction of adverse pregnancy outcomes in Mwanza, Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of London, London Sch. of Hygiene and Tropical



Achebe, I. Religion and politics in Igboland from the 18th century to 1930: Earth, God and power. [Nigeria]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­

Aissaoui, R. Immigration, ethnicity and national identity: Maghrebis' socio-political mobilisation and discourse in the inter-war period and during the 1970s in France. Ph.D., Leeds.
Beuschel, G.C. Shutting Africans away: lunacy, race and social order in colonial Kenya, 1910-1963. Ph.D., U. of London, Sch. of Oriental and African Studies.­
Bezzabeh, M. Agrarian transformation in Ethiopia: 1974-1991. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Campbell, C.D.M. Eugenics, race and empire: the Kenya casebook. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Collier, P.H. Logistics of the North African campaign 1940-1943. D.Phil, Oxford.­
Destombes, J.J.L. Nutrition and chronic deprivation in the West African Savanna: north-eastern Ghana, 1930-2000. Ph.D., U. of London, Sch. of Economics and Political Science.­
Duffy, J.L. Afrikaner unity, the National Party, and the Afrikaner nationalist radical right in Stellenbosch, 1934-1948. [South Africa]. D.Phil, Oxford.­
Faal, M. The OAU and conflict management in Africa: the Post-Cold war era. Ph.D., Southampton.­
Gadzekpo, A.S. Womens engagement with Gold Coast print culture from 1857 to 1957. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
George, E.C. The Cuban intervention in Angola, 1965-1991. From Che Guevara to Cuito Cuanavale: a detailed study of Cuban internationalism and the Angolan war. Ph.D., Bristol.­
Harker, A.J. Loyalty and dissidence in Roman Egypt: the case of the Acta Alexandrinorum. Ph.D., U. Of London.­
Harrison Moore, A.L. Imaging Egypt: the Regency furniture collections at Harewood House, Leeds and nineteenth century images of Egypt. Ph.D., Southampton.­
Hyde, D.N. Plantation struggles in Kenya: trade unionism on the land. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
King, A.R. Identity and decolonisation: the policy of partnership in Southern Rhodesia 1945-62. [Zimbabwe]. D.Phil, Oxford.­
Kirat, H.B.M. Franco-Moroccan relations 1946 to 1988. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Laidlaw, Z. Networks, patronage and information in colonial governance: Britain, New South Wales and the Cape Colony, 1826-1843. [South Africa]. D.Phil, Oxford.­
Lyons, M. The impact of the coming of the Catholic missionaries on African education in Southern Rhodesia 1890-1923 with special reference to the Jesuits and their rural mission schools. [Zimbabwe]. Ph.D., U. College Galway.­
Makgala, C.J. The policy of indirect rule in Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1926-57. [Botswana]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Marshall, E.A.C. Images of ancient Libyans. Ph.D., Exeter.­
Meriwether, J.L. Procrastination or pragmatism?: British defence policy, War Office administration, and the South African war, 1898-1903. Ph.D., Exeter.­
Ndee, H.S. Sport, culture and society in Tanzania from an African perspective: a study in historical revisionism. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Percox, D.A. 'Circumstances short of global war': British defence, colonial internal security, and decolonisation in Kenya, 1945-65. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Plater, C. Aspects of the interaction between the living and the dead in Ancient Egypt. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Richards, D.C. Military governments and economic development: a case study of Nigeria from 1960-2000. Ph.D., Sheffield Hallam.­
Saidi, A. Marriage and divorce in urban Mamluk society in the fifteenth century. [Egypt]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Spencer, N. Sustaining Egyptian culture: Royal and private construction initiatives in the first millennium B.C. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Swart, S.S. A ware Afrikaner: an examination of the role of Eugene Marais (1871-1936) in the making of Afrikaner identity. [South Africa]. D.Phill., Oxford.­
Tilley, H. Africa as a living laboratory. The African research survey and the British colonial empire: consolidating environmental, medical and anthropological debates, 1920-1940. D.Phill., Oxford.­
Wotshela, L.E. Homeland consolidation, resettlement and local politics in the Border and the Ciskei region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, 1960 to 1996. Ph.D., D.Phil.­


Ali, M.K. The translation of idiomatic texts: the case of Libyan proverbs. Ph.D., Leeds.­
El Mortaji, L. Writing ability and strategies in two discourse types: a cognitive study of multilingual Moroccan university students writing in Arabic (L1) and English (L3). Ph.D., Essex.­
Hill, L. Literacy and the vernacular: a case study based on the post-colonial history of Mauritius, with particular reference to Mauritian Creole. Ph.D., St. Andrews.­
Lawson, S.R. Assellema, ca va?: Aspects of ethnolinguistic vitality, language attitudes and behaviour in Tunisia. Ph.D., London, Birkbeck Coll.­
Mafu, S.T.A. The role of the English language in the context of national development (Vision 2025) with specific reference to agriculture in Tanzania. Ph.D., Aston.­
Mann, c.C.P. Anglo-Nigerian pidgin: a socio-psychological survey of urban southern Nigeria. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Monaka, K.C. Shekgalagari stop contrasts: a phonetic and phonological study [Botswana]. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Thekiso, E. A sociolinguistic study of communication processes in a court of law in Gaborone, Botswana. Ph.D., Warwick.­


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