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While examining the oral cavity a stomatologist revealed inflammation of papillae on the

border of the median and posterior third of the back of tongue. What papillae are inflamed?

A Papillae vallatae

B Papillae fungiformes

C Papillae foliatae

D Papillae filiformes

E Papillae conicae


Examination of a patient revealed an abscess of pterygopalatine fossa. Where can the

infection spread to unless the disease is managed in time?

A To the orbit

B To the interpterygoid space

C To the frontal sinus

D To the subgaleal temporal space

E To the tympanic cavity


During complicated labour the symphysis pubis ruptured. What organ can be damaged


A Urinary blader

B Rectum

C Ovaria

D Uterine tubes

E Uterus


A patient with cholelithiasis fell ill with mechanic jaundice. Examination revealed that the

stone was in the common bile duct. What bile-excreting ducts make up the obturated duct?

A Ductus hepaticus communis et ductus cysticus

B Ductus hepaticus dexter et sinister

C Ductus hepaticus dexter et ductus cysticus

D Ductus hepaticus sinister et ductus cysticus

E Ductus hepaticus communis et ductus choledochus


Neurological examination of a 65 y.o. patient revealed a haemorrhage within the superior

temporal gyrus. In the blood supply area of which artery is it?

A Middle cerebral artery

B Anterior cerebral artery

C Posterior cerebral artery

D Anterior communicating artery

E Basilar artery


A 70 y.o. man has cut an abscess off in the area of mammiform process during shaving. Two

days later he was admitted to the hospital with inflammation of arachnoid membranes. How

did the infection penetrate into the cavity of skull?

A V.emissariaе mastoideaе

B V.v.labyrinthi

C V.v.tympanicae

D V.facialis

E V.v.auriculares


The cerebrospinal fluid is being examined for the purpose of diffrential meningitis

diagnostics. At what site is the lumbal puncture safe?







While preparing a patient to the operation the heart chambers' pressure was measured. In

one of them the pressure changed during one heart cycle from 0 to 120 mm Hg. What

chamber of heart was it?

A Left ventricle

B Right ventricle

C Right atrium

D Left atrium

E -


Part of alveoles of a preterm infant didn't spread because of enhanced elastic recoil of lungs.

How can this recoil be reduced?

A By surfactant introduction

B By pure oxygene inhalation

C By artificial pulmonary ventilation

D By fluid suction from the respiratory tracts

E By glycose introduction


Preventive examination of a patient revealed an enlarged lymph node of metastatic origin on

the medial wall of the left axillary crease. Specify the most likely localization of the primary


A Mammary gland

B Submandibular salivary gland

C Lung

D Stomach

E Thyroid gland


A man suffering from osteochondrosis got acute pain in the abdominal muscles (lateral and

anterior). During objective examination a physician diagnosticated increased pain sensitivity

of skin in the hypogastric region. This pain might be caused by affection of the following nerve:

A Iliohypogastric

B Sciatic

C Obturator

D Femoral

E Genitofemoral


A woman suffering from osteochondrosis felt acute pain in her humeral articulation that

became stronger when she abducted her shoulder. These symptoms might be caused by

damage of the following nerve:

A Axillary nerve

B Subscapular nerve

C Dorsal scapular nerve

D Subclavicular nerve

E Throracodorsal nerve


Pyeloureterography X-ray photo showed a renal pelvis with minor calyces only (major calyces

were absent). What form of urinary tracts of a kidney was revealed?

A Embryonal

B Fetal

C Mature

D Ampullar

E -


A patient has a deep cut wound on the posterior surface of his shoulder in its middle third.

What muscle might be injured?

A Triceps muscle of arm

B Biceps muscle of arm

C Anconeus muscle

D Brachial muscle

E Coracobrachial muscle


A patient has pain, edema and reddening of his skin in the anterosuperior area of his thigh

and his foot's thumb. What lymph nodes of his lower extremity responded to the inflammatory


A Superficial inguinal

B Deep inguinal

C Internal longitudinal

D Superficial longitudinal

E General longitudinal


A patient got a craniocerebral trauma that resulted in right-side convergent strabismus.

Damage of which craniocerebral nerve caused such consequences?

A n.abducens

B n.facialis

C n.trigeminus

D n.trochlearis

E n.aculomotorius


In case of a penetrating wound of the anterior abdominal wall the wound tract went above the

lesser curvature of stomach. What peritoneum formation is most likely to be injured?

A Ligamentum hepatogastricum

B Ligamentum gastrocolicum

C Ligamentum hepatoduoduodenale

D Ligamentum hepatorenale

E Ligamentum triangulare sinistrum


After a trauma a patient lost ability of elbow extension. This might have been caused by

dysfunction of the following main muscle:

A m. triceps brachii

B m. subscapularis

C m. teres major

D m. infraspinatus

E m. levator scapulae


A patient has been diagnosed with a compression fracture of a lumbar vertebra. As a result

he has a considerable increase in curvature of the lumbar lordosis. Which ligament damage

can induce such changes in the spine curvature?

A Anterior longitudinal ligament

B Posterior longitudinal ligament

C Yellow ligament

D Iliolumbar ligament

E Interspinous ligament


After a craniocerebral trauma a patient lost the ability to execute learned purposeful

movements (apraxia). The injury is most likely localized in the following region of the cerebral


A Gyrus supramarginalis

B Gyrus angularis

C Gyrus paracentralis

D Gyrus lingualis

E Gyrus parahippocampalis


A patient got an injury of spinal marrow in a road accident that caused loss of tactile

sensation, posture sense, vibration sense. What conduction tracts are damaged?

A Fascicle of Goll and cuneate fascicle

B Anterior spinocerebellar tract

C Rubrospinal tract

D Reticulospinal tract

E Tectospinal tract


Examination of a patient revealed hypertrophy and inflammation of lymphoid tissue, edema of

mucous membrane between palatine arches (acute tonsillitis). What tonsil is normally

situated in this area?

A Tonsilla palatina

B Tonsilla pharyngealis

C Tonsilla tubaria

D Tonsilla lingualis

E -


While performing an operation in the area of axillary crease a surgeon has to define an

arterial vessel surrounded by fascicles of brachial plexus. What artery is it?

A A.axillaris

B A.vertebralis

C A.transversa colli

D A.profunda brachii

E A.subscapularis


Examination of a patient with impaired blood coagulation revealed thrombosis of a branch of

inferior mesenteric artery. What bowel segment is damaged?

A Colon sigmoideum

B Ileum

C Caecum

D Colon transversum

E Colon ascendens


A patient was admitted to the surgical department with inguinal hernia. During the operation

the surgeon performs plastic surgery on posterior wall of inguinal canal. What structure forms

this wall?

A Transverse fascia

B Aponeurosis of abdominal external oblique muscle

C Inguinal ligament

D Loose inferior edge of transverse abdominal muscle

E Peritoneum


A man with an injury of the dorsal area of his neck was admitted to the resuscitation

department. What muscle occupies this area?

A M.trapezius

B M.sternocleidomastoideus

C M.latissimus dorsi

D M.rhomboideus minor

E M.scalenus anterior


A patient complains of dizziness and hearing loss. What nerve is damaged?

A Vestibulocochlear

B Trigeminus

C Sublingual

D Vagus

E Trochlear


While palpating mammary gland of a patient a doctor revealed an induration in form of a node

in the inferior medial quadrant. Metastases may extend to the following lymph nodes:

A Parasternal

B Posterior mediastinal

C Profound lateral cervical

D Bronchopulmonary

E Superior diaphragmal


A patient got a trauma that caused dysfunction of motor centres regulating activity of head

muscles. In what parts of cerebral cortex is the respective centre normally localized?

A Inferior part of precentral gyrus

B Superior part of precentral gyrus

C Supramarginal gyrus

D Superior parietal lobule

E Angular gyrus


Examination of a 6-month-old child revealed a delay in closure of the occipital fontanelle.

When should it normally close?

A Until 3 months

B Before the child is born

C Until 6 months

D Until the end of the first year of life

E Until the end of the second year of life


A patient was diagnosed with paralysis of facial and masticatory muscles. The haematoma is

inside the genu of internal capsule. What conduction tract is damaged?

A Tr. cortico-nuclearis

B Tr. cortico-spinalis

C Tr. cortico-thalamicus

D Tr. cortico-fronto-pontinus

E Tr. cortico-temporo-parieto-occipito-pontinus


A patient has lost skin sensitivity in the region of the medial surface of his shoulder. This is

the result of dysfunction of the following nerve:

A Medial brachial cutaneous nerve

B Medial antebrachial cutaneous nerve

C Radial nerve

D Ulnar nerve

E Axillary nerve


A foreign body (a button) closed space of the right superior lobar bronchus. What segments of

the right lung won't be supplied with air?

A Apical, posterior, anterior

B Superior and inferior lingular

C Apical and posterior basal

D Apical and median basal

E Medial and lateral


A patient was diagnosed with bartholinitis (inflammation of greater vulvovaginal glands). In

which organ of urogenital system are these glands localized?

A Large lips of pudendum

B Small lips of pudendum

C Clitoris

D Vagina

E Uterus


While performing an inguinal canal operation on account of hernia a surgeon damaged the

canal's contents. What exactly was damaged?

A Funiculus spermaticus

B Urarchus

C Lig. teres uteri

D Lig. inguinalе

E -


Ultrasonic examination of a patient revealed aneurism in the area of aortic arch that caused

alteration of vocal function of larynx. What nerve was constricted?

A Recurrent laryngeal

B Diaphragmatic

C Superior laryngeal

D Mandibular

E Sublingual


Surgical approach to the thyroid gland from the transverse (collar) approach involves opening

of interaponeurotic suprasternal space. What anatomic structure localized in this space is

dangerous to be damaged?

A Jugular venous arch

B External jugular vein

C Subclavicular vein

D Inferior thyroid arthery

E Superior thyroid arthery


In course of a small pelvis operation it became necessary to ligate an ovarian artery. What

formation may be accidentally ligated together with it?

A Ureter

B Uterine tube

C Round ligament of uterus

D Internal iliac vein

E Urethra


An injured person was delivered to the hospital with a penetrating wound in the left lateral

region of abdomen. What part of the large intestine is most likely damaged?

A Colon descendens

B Colon ascendens

C Colon transverses

D Caecum

E Rectum


After a road accident a driver was delivered to the hospital with an injury of the medial

epicondyle of humerus. What nerve might be damaged in this case?

A n. Ulnaris

B n. radialis

C n. axillaris

D n. muscolocutaneus

E n. medianus


A patient with a knife wound in the left lumbal part was delivered to the emergency hospital. In

course of operation a surgeon found that internal organs were not damaged but the knife

injured one of muscles of renal pelvis. What muscle is it?

A Greater psoas muscle

B Iliac muscle

C Erector muscle of spine

D Abdominal internal oblique muscle

E Abdominal external oblique muscle


A 25 year old patient was examined by a medical board. Examination revealed pathology of

chest. Transverse dimensions were to small and the sternum was strongly protruding. What

chest type is it?

A Keeled chest

B Funnel chest

C Flat chest

D Cylindrical chest

E Barrel chest


A man with a stab wound in the area of quadrilateral foramen applied to a doctor. Examination

revealed that the patient was unable to draw his arm aside from his body. What nerve is most

probably damaged?

A N.axillaris

B N.medianus

C N.radialis

D N.ulnaris

E N.subclavius


Brain tomography revealed a tumour in the region of red nucleus. What part of brain


A Midbrain

B Medulla oblongata

C Cerebellum

D Interbrain

E Pons cerebelli
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