1st Period Study Guide

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1st Period Study Guide.

Q. Why did Jekyll drink potion?

A. He was doing an experiment, wanted to separate good and evil sides.
Q. Why are J and L no longer friends?

A. L didn’t agree with J’s scientific ideas. Thought they were crazy.

Q. What happened to Jekyll while he was in the park?

A. He turns into Hyde without the drug while awake.

Q. Why did J close the window so quickly?

A. He was turning into Hyde.

Q. What is the story Enfield tells?

A. Story of little girl being trampled by Hyde.

Q. Why didn’t Jekyll destroy potion?

A. He liked being Hyde (being able to party). To turn back to J if he accidently turned to Hyde.

Q. What is Utterson’s job?

A. Lawyer

Q. What is the climax of book?

A. When they find Hyde dead.

Q. Who witnessed the Carew murder?

A. a maid

Q. Where was Hyde’s house?

A. Soho
Q. What did J’s original will state?

A. Hyde gets everything.
Q. What was Lanyon instructed to get from Jekyll’s office?

A. The contents of a drawer.

Q. What was in the drawer L retrieved?

A. a book, a vial, some files, salt

Q. What did Jekyll’s servants tell Utterson about Hyde?

A. Never eats, comes and goes as he pleases, servants are instructed to obey him.

Q. What the ingredient J runs out of to make his drug?

A. A certain salt

Q. What do they find on Carew’s body?

A. A letter addressed to Utterson, half cane (near him), gold watch.

Q. What was L told to do with contents of drawer?

A. Someone will come to his consulting room and ask for it.

2nd Period Study Guide

Q. Who did Hyde kill and what weapon did he use?

A. Sir Danvers Carew using a cain.
Q. Who is the messenger that picks up the stuff from J’s house?

A. Dr. Lanyon

Q. Who is the author?

A. Robert Louis Stevenson

Q. How did Lanyon die?

A. He died from shock after seeing Hyde turn into Jekyll.

Q. Why was J’s meddling with his good and evil side?

A. He thought he could improve the world by making one all good side and one all “evil” side.

Q. Are people happy J and H are dead?

A. Probably happy Hyde is dead, but not happy Jekyll is dead.

Q. Who is Enfield’s cousin?

A. Utterson

Q. Who was Jekyll’s first will made out to?

A. Hyde
Q. Why did Hyde kill himself?

A. The police were after him; he was going to be put to death.
Q. Why did Hyde murder Carew?

A. Carew was happy/nice and Hyde didn’t like that. Also Hyde had no impulse control.

Q. What does Lanyon scream when he sees H turn into J?

A. “Oh God”

Q. Why does Lanyon get a letter from Jekyll to go to his house?

A. He turned into Hyde on accident (police are after Hyde) he needed someone to go into the lab to get the drug. Jekyll had broken the key to the lab.

Q. Who is Dr. Jekyll’s servant?

A. Mr. Poole

Q. Who saw Mr. Hyde walk over the girl?

A. Mr. Enfield

Q. Who is Mr. Guest?

A. A handwriting expert. Mr. Utterson’s clerk

Q. Who helps Poole break down the door?

A. Utterson

Q. Who watches the back door when Poole is breaking down the front door?

A. Bradshaw

Q. Who watched Hyde kill Carew?

A. a maid

3rd Period Study Guide

Q. What was Jekyll’s purpose for Hyde?

A. So he could go party without risking his good name.
Q. Who killed Carew?

A. Hyde
Q. Why did Hyde kill Carew?

A. He was angry at Jekyll and Carew reminded him of Jekyll(they were both good). He had no impulse control.
Q. Why did Lanyon die of shock?

A. He saw H change into J.

Q. Why is Utterson suspicious of Mr. Hyde?

A. J leaves everything to H in will and H has a bad rep.

Q. Of what importance was Poole to the plot?

A. He helped Utterson see what was in cabinet.

Q. Who is Mr. Guest?

A. Utterson’s clerk; a handwriting expert.

Q. what was found on Carew’s body?

A. A letter to Utterson, a purse, a gold watch

Q. What event happened that caused J to cry after he turned back from H?

A. Hyde killing Carew

Q. Who is Poole?

A. Jekyll’s Butler

Q. What is the first time the reader meets Hyde?

A. When he runs over the little girl.

Q. Why does Jekyll conceal himself for weeks?

A. He is turning into Hyde without using potion (he can’t control it)

Q. Where is hyde’s house?

A. Soho
Q. How is Utterson related to the story?

A. He is our protagonist. He is investigating J and H.

4th Period Study Guide

Q. what are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s first names?

A. Dr. J =Henry Mr. H= Edward
Q. How does Hyde die?

A. Suicide

Q. Was Jekyll addicted to the drug?

A. Yes, because he knew Hyde was bad, but couldn’t resist the drug anyway.

Q. Who told the story of the door?

A. Enfield

Q. What was to be retrieved from J’s lab?

A. A drawer and its contents from J’s cabinet

Q. Where was Lanyon supposed to take the drawer?

A. Cavendish square (to his consulting room)

Q. Who and what killed Carew?

A. Hyde and a cane.

Q. How did Lanyon die?

A. Shock b/c he saw Hyde turn to Jekyll.

Q. Who is the author?

A. Robert Louis Stevenson

Q. What was similar between Hyde and Jekyll?

A. Their handwriting.

Q. Why did Jekyll want to be split into two people?

A. So that when Mr. Hyde did bad things his conscience wasn’t too bothered by it.

Q. what did Jekyll tell his servants about Hyde?

A. Obey him.

Q. Who is Utterson’s cousin?

A. Enfield

Q. How did Jekyll create Hyde?

A. He mixed ingredients to create a potion.

Q. Why did Lanyon say he and Jekyll are not friends?

A. Lanyon thought Jekyll’s ideas were too unscientific/crazy.

Q. why was Utterson so interested in Hyde?

A. Utterson thought Hyde was blackmailing Jekyll. Jekyll gave a lot of money to Hyde and left all his money to Hyde. Hyde had a bad reputation.

Q. Whose body does Poole and Utterson find in the lab?

A. Hyde

5th Period Study Guide

Q. Why did Hyde kill himself?

A. Jekyll killed himself knowing he would stay Hyde forever (maybe). Hyde was going to be hung for murdering Carew. Hyde could have killed himself to get rid of Jekyll.
Q. How is Mr. Guest related to Jekyll?

A. Guest is a handwriting expert. Utterson’s clerk.

Q. Who is Sir Danvers Carew and what happened to him?

A. He was an important man and he is killed by Hyde.

Q. Why did Jekyll make the drug?

A. He likes to party and doesn’t want to ruin his good name. Thinks he can split up the good and evil sides of himself.

Q. Who witnessed the murder of Carew?

A. maid
Q. Who was Bradshaw?

A. The man Utterson and Poole told him to wait around the corner when they were breaking into Jekyll’s lab.
Q. Why did Jekyll name Hyde Hyde?

A. He wanted to “hide” his partying ways.

Q. How is Enfield related to Utterson?

A. Cousins

Q. What was in the drawer Lanyon retrieved?

A. Blood-red liquor, a book of dates, salt, vials

Q. T or F Mr. Hyde’s first name is Edward

A. True

6th Period Study Guide

Q. Who is the letter Carew was carrying written to?

A. Utterson
Q. Who witnessed the murder of Carew?

A. the maid

Q. Who is Brashaw?

A. Watches the door while Utterson and Poole break into lab.

Q. Who told the story of the door?

A. Mr. Enfield

Q. Why didn’t Jekyll’s potion work the second time?

A. The salt was too pure. The old salt had some impurity that made it work.

Q. How did Lanyon die?

A. He saw Mr. Hyde turned into Jekyll and it shocked him so much he could not sleep and died.

Q. Who was Mr. Guest?

A. Utterson’s clerk; handwriting expert.

Q. Who was Carew? Who killed him?

A. A good/important man. Hyde killed him.

Q. How was Carew killed?
A. Beaten with cane and stomped on.
Q. Why did Hyde kill himself?

A. He didn’t want to get caught. He was wanted by police. Could have accidently O.D.ed.

Q. Who walked with Utterson?

A. Enfield

Q. Who witness Hyde trampled the girl?

A. Mr. Enfield

Q. What was in the drawer?

A. the record book, blood-red liquor, salt, vials

Q. Why did Dr. Jekyll create the potion?

A. He didn’t want to spoil his good name, but he liked to party. He wanted to split himself into an all good part, and an all “evil” part.

Q. Who lived in Jekyll’s house before him?

A. A surgeon.

Q. Who were Utterson’s clients?

A. Jekyll, Carew

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