1996 Wahoo War of the Minds

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1996 Wahoo War of the Minds

Round # 3

T1) His first appearance was in the Germanic epic of the knight Ortnit, based on the real-life Alberich, son of

Clodion. He then passed into medieval French literature in the novel Huon de Bordeaux, in which he is the only son

of Julius Caesar and Morgan la Fay, and appears as a hunchbacked dwarf with magical powers. He next appeared

in Spenser's Faerie Queen, and then in Robert Green's play James IV, and in the 19th century Karl Maria von Weber

(VAY-ber) wrote an opera about him. FTP, name this character made famous by Shakespeare, the husband of

Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

T2) He gained prestige by reviving the morale of French armies after the mutinies of 1917 and sustaining it though

the German offensives of 1918. He served as France’s Minister of War in 1934, was French ambassador to Spain

from 1939-1940, and became Prime Minister in 1940. FTP, name this man who was Marshal of France from 1918-

1945 and headed the Vichy government.

A:Henri Philippe Omer Pétain
T3) He wrote the only known Roman textbook on physics, Investigations in Natural Science. Better known as a

dramatist, his lesser known works include Thyestes, Troacles, and Phoenissae. FTP, name this Spanish-born writer,

a Stoic philosopher, and tutor of Nero, best known for bloody dramas like Hercules, Medea, and Oedipus.

T4) In man, dogs and mice it makes up approximately 0.25% of total body weight, while in cats and rabbits it is

only 0.05%. It is an integral part of the lymphatic and blood vascular systems. Its functions include removing

foreign material from the blood, storing iron, maintaining constant circulating blood volume, and producing blood

cells and antibodies. FTP, name this organ which is made up of red pulp and white pulp.

T5) His name originally meant "the son who rises and goes forth from the nether world," but is generally

interpreted as "faithful son." In early myths he was often given the title of Ningiszida, who eventually developed

into an independent deity. He is the patron of flocks and irrigation as well as vegetation, and represents the mystery

of life and death. FTP, name this brother and lover of Ishtar who dies and rises annually.

T6) This region is 87 miles long and 15 to 20 miles wide and contains the highest elevations in the northeastern

United States. It features many rounded passes, locally termed "notches," formed by glaciers during the Pleistocene

glaciation and includes some of the finest ski slopes in eastern North America, such as those at Franconia and

Conway. FTP, name this mountain range located in north-central New Hampshire and Maine that contains Mount


A:White Mountains
T7) A hooker who is a victim of a gang rape, a phone-sex operator, a drunken writer, a journalist who was a

childhood victim of rape, another hooker, a narcotics cop who ends up addicted, a homicidal roommate, and a 15-

year-old high-schooler hell-bent on losing her virginity. These are all roles played by, FTP, what actress who'll next

be playing another victim of incest in the TNT production of Bastard Out of Carolina, and who was last seen as the

strung-out would-be rock singer in Georgia?

A:Jennifer Jason Leigh

T8) His career started when he was regent for the imbecile Fyodor I. As regent he brought new energy to his

country, gaining land in Sweden and colonizing Siberia. After becoming tsar, his prestige was weakened by a

pretender claiming to be Dmitry, the man he had replaced. FTP, name this tsar, who gained power after the death of

Ivan the Terrible, the subject of works by Pushkin and Mussorgsky.

A: Boris Godunov
T9) Most of the world's supply of this substance originates in the United States, which has stockpiled it since the

1950's. Produced by radioactive proceses in natural gas wells, it is precious because Earth's gravity is too weak to

hold it. In its liquid form, it is the coldest refrigerant available, boiling at 4.2 Kelvin. FTP, name this noble gas, the

second-most abundant element in the universe, with an atomic number of two.

T10) At the end, the black cat Behemoth skips around setting fire to Moscow with a portable. It begins with the

mysterious professor Woland announcing that a man will die "because Anya has already bought the sunflower oil."

In between there is a macabre magic show, a lavish ball for the risen dead, and a radical reinterpretation of the story

of Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ, who is called Ha-Nozri. Oddly, the title couple seem to have secondary

importance in the book, but they are happily reunited in hell at the end of, FTP, what masterwork by Mikhail


A:The Master and Margarita
T11) This sport can be traced back almost 8000 years to implements found in an Egyptian child's tomb. An ancient

Polynesian version of it, called Ula Maika, specified a playing distance of 60 feet, the same as today. In early

Europe, it was part of a religious ritual; the clubs that peasants habitually carried were used as representations of the

devil and stood in a corner; the peasant who could not knock them over was told to lead a better life. FTP, name

this popular game outlawed in parts of the United States in the 1900s, whose variations include five back, candlepin,

and duckpin.

T12) From the beginning they seem to have been opposed to Frederick II, refusing to march under the banners of

an excommunicated man. Philip IV signed a treaty of alliance with them against the the pope and allowed them

certain privileges, but meanwhile he had secretly plotted an attack on them. In 1307, he turned them over to the

Inquisition, which caused their extermination. FTP, name this military order founded by Hugues de Payns and

Godeffroi de St. Omer to protect pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem.

A:Knights Templar

T13) He wrote Poetics of Music and the autobiography Chronicle of My Life. He composed ragtime for small

orchestras and the Ebony Concerto for band, but is more famous for his works for the stage. Still, his operas Mavra

and The Nightingale and the oratorio-opera Oedipus Rex were not as successful as his ballets. FTP, name this

composer of Orpheus, Apollon Musagète (muse-a-JET), and Petrouchka.

A:Igor Stravinsky
T14) It has three main weaknesses: it cannot be a world auxiliary language and a reminder of the virtues of plain

usage at the same time; its dependence on operators and combinations sometimes produces unacceptably verbose

circumlocutions; and the nuances of its vocabulary, which consists mainly of short, common words, may be difficult

to grasp. Nonetheless, it was favored by such men as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt. FTP, name this

reduced form of English with a vocabulary of 850 words created by I.A. Richards and C.K. Ogden.

A:Basic English

T15) This physicist first investigated the potential function which is the most general allowed for gravity by

relativity theory, and which also represents the electrostatic potential of a point charge screened by a uniform cloud

of opposite. In 1935, he proposed a theory of nuclear forces in which he predicted the existence of mesons. FTP,

name this Japanese physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1949.

A:Hideki Yukawa
T16) He discovered phenylhydrazine after being poisoned by it; with his cousin Otto he worked on

triphenylmethane dyes, and later worked on the Walden inversion. His most important work was research in four

major groups of organic compounds: carbohydrates, polypeptides and proteins, depsides and tannins, and

heterocyclic nitrogen compounds which he named purines. FTP, name this organic chemist who devised a classic

method of synthesizing indole derivatives and won the Nobel Prize in 1902.

A:Hermann Emil Fischer

T17) The seventh child of a Yorkshire miner, this artist attended the Leeds School of Art after two years of miltary

service during World War I. There he met his friend and colleague Barbara Hepworth. Influenced by the paintings

of Joan Miro, his sculptures, often resembing reclining figures, consisted of abstract, vaguely organic forms that

seem to be filled with pent-up energy. FTP, name this British sculptor who died in 1986.

A: Henry Moore
T18) He received his first military laurels at the age of 25 by defeating the Persians at Daras in 530. The peak of

his career came in 534, when he defeated the Vandals and took their king prisoner. He was next sent to take Italy

back from the Goths. After he took Sicily, Naples, Rome, and Ravenna, they wished to proclaim him emperor.

FTP, name this Byzantine general called back to Constantinople by Justinian, who never really trusted him despite

his having saved the emperor's throne by putting down the Nika revolt in 532.


T19) A clear, flavorless, tender gel when cooled, it is a popular thickening agent for puddings, fruit pies and soups.

It is made by moistening cassava flour or starch and then heating it while stirring continuously. FTP, name this

food product which forms small semitranslucent balls and is a common pudding flavor, favored by Snoopy’s

brother Spike.

T20) One of its minor characters is the actress La Berma, based on Sarah Bernhardt. Some of its more bizarre

characters are the sadistic lesbian Miss Vinteuil (van-TOY) and several other characters who get married but turn

out to be homosexual, such as the Marquis de Saint-Loup, the Baron de Charlus, and the narrator's great love,

Albertine. The list of characters gets even more complicated through marriages; Madame Verdurin becomes the

new Princesse de Guermantes (gaire-MANT), and Gilberte (jill-BAIRT) de Saint-Loup was once Gilberte Swann.

FTP, name this Marcel Proust novel.

A:Remembrance of Things Past or A la Recherche du temps perdu or In Search of Lost Time

B1) Identify these Supreme Court cases from a brief description for ten points each.

1. (10) Held that a state could not confer a monopoly on steamboat and bridge traffic in this landmark 1837 case.

A:Charles River Bridge Co. v. Warren Bridge Co.

2. (10) Held that trial of civilians by military commission is unlawful outside the theatre of military operations

while the civil courts are functional.

A:Ex parte Milligan

3. (10) Invalidated a law that limited the workday of bakers to ten hours.

A:Lochner v. New York
B2) This is a question for all you comedy-lovers. Given a literary character, tell whether he or she appears in the

Italian commedia dell'arte, Balzac's Human Comedy, or Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors, for 5 points each.

1. Giangurgolo A:commedia dell'arte

2. Aemilia A:Comedy of Errors

3. Graziano A:commedia dell'arte

4. Pons A:Human Comedy

5. Schmuke A:Human Comedy

6. Dromio A:Comedy of Errors

B3) Identify these solar terms for the stated number of points.

1. (5) These phenomena are extensions of the chromosphere and become visible during a total eclipse as small red

clouds floating around the moon.

A:solar prominences

2. (10) The sun's stellar class and sub-class, for 5 points each.

A: G-five

3. (15) These are exceptionally bright areas on the photosphere that always accompany sunspots.


B4) For 10 points each, identify the actor or actress who will be playing these roles in the next Batman film, or for

5 if you need an additional clue.

1. (10) Batman

(5) He made his big-screen debut last month with Quentin Tarantino in From Dusk Till Dawn.

A:George Clooney

2. (10) Mr Freeze

(5) He made his big-screen debut years ago in Hercules in New York, but his Austrian accent was so thick all his

lines had to be dubbed over.

A:Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. (10) Batgirl

(5) As if you couldn't get enough of this Clueless babe.

A:Alicia Silverstone

B5) Name these epidemic diseases from symptoms for 10 points or for 5 if you need an additional clue.

1. (10) Abrupt onset of headache, chills, fever and nausea, progressing to delirium and coma if untreated. The

most characteristic symptom is an eruption of small dark reddish discrete spots about the fourth to sixth day after


(5) It is caused by the rickettsia and transmitted by lice.


2. (10) Sudden onset of acute diarrhea accompanied by vomiting, followed by agonizing cramps in the muscles,

then passage to the algid stage characterized by almost continuous purging and vomiting and extreme collapse.

Death may result in four to five days.

(5) Caused by a vibrio bacillus, it can easily be prevented by maintaining a clean water supply.

A:Indian or Asiatic cholera

3. (10) Begins with sudden chilliness, fatigue and achiness, with severe prostration noted early. Body temperature

rises rapidly, but symptoms referable to the respiratory tract are generally few. The most danger arises from

possible complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

(5) It is caused by a virus of type A or type B; a vaccination is available, but does not provide permanent immunity.


B6) 30-20-10. Name the saint.

1. An assailant to the Roman Emperor Gratian, he helped to combat the Arian heresy through the council of

Constantinople in 381

2. A popular governor of Milan, this man was named bishop of city in 374 by popular demand.

3. Through his preaching, he helped to convert St. Augustine to Catholicism in 384.


B7) The theme of adultery and suicide (or, at least, death) was quite popular in 19th century literature. Answer

these questions about works dealing with this theme for the stated number of points.

1. The classic of the genre is, of course, Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary. For 5 points each, name either of

Emma Bovary's two lovers, and the kind of poison she took to end her wretched existence.

A:Rodolphe Boulanger or Léon Dupuis; arsenic

2. Anna Karenina had an affair with Count Vronsky, but for 5 points apiece, name her equally-adulterous brother

who manages not to get hit by a train, and their mutual friend, who in the main subplot finds happiness in a virtuous

marriage to Kitty Scherbatsky.

A:Stepan (or Stepya) Oblonsky; Constantin Levin

3. Finally, this title heroine doesn't commit suicide, she just kind of wastes away, having been easily seduced by

Major Crampas after her loveless marriage to the old Baron von Instetten. FTP, name this so-called "German

Madame Bovary," created by Theodor Fontane.

A:Effi Briest
B8) Identify the artists of these portraits for 10 points each.

1. The Duke of Lerma on Horseback A:Peter Paul Rubens

2. Wheat Field with Crows A:Vincent Van Gogh

3. Pope Leo X with Cardinals Guiolo d'Medici and Luigi de'Rossi

B9) Identify these English translations of the Bible for the stated number of points.

1. (5) The earliest complete renderings of the Holy Scriptures in English, the project was taken over by John

Purvey, the leader of the Lollard party after 1384.

A:Wycliffe Bible

2. (10) It was the first English bible to be translated straight from the Hebrew and Greek originals, but much of the

Old Testament was left untranslated.

A:Tyndale Bible

3. (15) It was based on Matthew's Bible and was authorized by Archbishop Cranmer. It was the only translation of

the Bible that was not prohibited during the reign of Henry VIII.

A:The Great Bible

B10) Identify these terms from vertebrate embryology for 10 points each.

1. This is the stage of development following the formation of the zygote, when the cells have divided rapidly and

formed a spherical structure.


2. This is the double-walled stage immediately following the blastula.


3. This is the cavity housing the viscera which originates as paired clefts formed by a splitting into two sheets of the

lateral layers of unsegmented mesoderm.

A:coelom (SEE-lum)

B11) FTPE, tell what is being defined in the paraphrased words of Dave Barry.

1. (10) Originally a large place way the hell up past Canada, mapmakers voted to make it smaller and put it in a little

box next to Hawaii off the coast of California.


2. (10) Built by the French, it is extremely strategic as the only navigable waterway connecting the Red Sea with

Albany, New York. Its name is the word used to call French pigs... not that they come.

A:Suez canal

3. (10) Unfortunately for him, the American public simply would not tolerate a President who would fritter away

more than a quarter of an hour humming during a crucial juncture. He died some twenty years after leaving office,

and this was widely believed to be the end of his career.

A:Richard Nixon

B12) Identify these operas from a pithy plot description taken from Sir Denis Forman's A Night at the Opera for 10

points or for 5 if you need an additional clue.

1. (10) The one where a tiny hand is frozen, a sung waltz leads to a reconciliation, and a cold garret sees the death

of our heroine by TB.

(5) Puccini's fourth opera, it is set during a cold Paris winter and tells the story of the ill-starred love of Rodolfo and


A:La Bohème

2. (10) The one where a simple-minded teenager by shooting a swan gets involved with a religious sect whose king

is permanently wounded and whose official messenger is a convertible woman, sometimes witch, sometimes houri.

(5) Based loosely on Arthurian legend, Wagner wrote it specially for the opening of his custom-built Festspielhaus

at Bayreuth (bye-ROYT).


3. (10) The one where a gypsy tells the King that the next man he shakes hands with will murder him, so he shakes

hands with his best friend who duly does it.

(5) This Verdi opera was plagued with problems during its creation, mostly of the political variety, so the story of

the assassination of King Gustav III of Sweden during a court ball was transposed to colonial Boston, with some

silly results.

A:Un Ballo in Maschera (mascara) (or A Masked Ball)

B13) 15 points apiece, identify the Balkan scientists.

1. During a 1909 Croatian earthquake, this Zagreb University professor noticed that deep seismic waves arrived

before surface waves. He explained this by postulating a dense mantle underlying the crust, and calculated how far

it was to the boundary between them.

A: Andriya Mohorovicic (mo-ho-ro-VEECH-itch)

2. This Serbian geologist observed a temporal pattern to the dates of previous Ice Ages. He explained this in 1922

by changes in solar insolation, produced by alterations in the Earth's orbital parameters on cycles of approximately

20, 40, and 100 thousand years, a theory still considered valid today.

A: Milutin Milankovitch
B14) 30-20-10. Name the state given clues.

1. Its state play is Cross and Sword.

2. Its state song is Old Folks at Home.

3. Its state water mammal is the manatee.

B15) Identify these lesser-known Bonapartes for the stated number of points.

1. (5) Napoleon's oldest brother, he was frequently at odds with the Imperial government. In order to appease him,

Napoleon proclaimed him king of Naples and then king of Spain, but he was always politically insignificant.


2. (5) The middle sister of the Bonaparte family and supposedly the most devoted to Napoleon as well as the most

beautiful, her second husband was the Prince Camillo Borghèse. She was sculpted as Venus by Canova.

A:Marie Pauline

3. (10) Napoleon's youngest brother, he was made First Consul of France, but fell out of favor when he took an

American wife. Eventually he was remarried to the princess Catherine of Württemberg and was made king of



4. (10) Napoleon's youngest sister, she schemed in favor of her husband Joachim Murat, to the detriment of her

relations with her brother the emperor.

A:Maria Annunciata Caroline

B16) Calculate the value of the following expressions, for fifteen points apiece. You have ten seconds for each.

1. (15) The quantity 1+i, raised to the fourth power. Recall that i squared equals minus one.


2. (15) The quantity one-half square root three plus one-half i, all raised to the twelfth power.

B17) Name these unique American presidents for the stated number of points.

5-The only President to ever be Speaker of the House.

A: James K. Polk

10-The only President to get married in the White House itself.

A: Grover Cleveland

15-The only President to return to the Senate after his term ended.

A: Andrew Johnson
B18) Give the more common names of these bioluminescent creatures for the stated number of points.

1. (5) The general term for the luminous larva of such flies as Bolitophila, which live in New Zealand caves.


2. (10) Its scientific name is Odontosyllis and it is native to Bermuda. It swarms in great numbers during certain

months of the year, a few days after the full moon, rising to the surface of the sea and shedding eggs and sperm in a

brilliant display lasting 15 to 30 minutes.

A:fire worm

3. (15) The female and the larvae of this type of South American beetle, Phryxothrix, possess a row of 11 bright

greenish luminescent spots on each side of the body, with a red light on the head giving it its nickname,


A:railroad worm
B19) Name these NHL players for the stated number of points

5- This defenseman, from Corpus Christi, TX, won the 1994 Conn Smythe Trophy as Stanley Cup MVP.

A: Brian Leetch

10- Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr, both Pittsburgh Penguins, have been 1-2 in scoring for most of the 1995-96

season. But, what other Penguin has been third, giving Pittsburght the top 3 for the majority of the year?

A: Ron Francis

15- Whom did the Ottawa Senators select with the first pick of the 1995 NHL draft?

A: Bryan Berard

B20) Ten points apiece, identify the Shakespearean plays with the following subplots.

1) Edmund's lies turn his father Gloucester against his brother Edgar.

A: King Lear

2) The entire play is a joke played on the drunken Christopher Sly.

A: The Taming of the Shrew

3) Silvius hits on Phebe while Touchstone hits on Audrey.

A: As You Like I

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