1996 Maryland Classic High School Tournament Packet 4 by Ohio State

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1996 Maryland Classic High School Tournament

Packet 4 by Ohio State
1. The last English monarch to die in battle, he had his two nephews murdered in the Tower of London to insure his succession to the throne. FTP, name this subject of a Shakespearean history who ruled from 1483 to 1485 and was defeated by Henry Tudor & killed at the battle of Bosworth Field.

Answer: _Richard III_

2. Until 1989, this planet was only known to have two moons. In that year, Voyager II discovered six more, plus a group of three rings. FTP, name this planet, first observed by Johann Galle in 1846 and currently the furthest planet from the sun.

Answer: _Neptune_

3. Soothsayers predicted this son of Priam would bring disaster, and he was given to shepherds to expose, but they spared his life. In the Trojan War, he was killed by Philoctetes, but not before killing Achilles. FTP, name this Trojan who, by judging Aphrodite the fairest, received Helen as his reward.

Answer: _Paris_

4. It began in 1926 when Dallas's Southland Ice Company decided to supplement slow winter ice sales with groceries, and by 1963, with thousands of stores across the country, some stores began operating 24 hours a day. FTP, identify this ubiquitous store, the world's original convenience store.

Answer: _7-Eleven_

5. This 1965 science fiction novel spawned 5 sequels, describing "The God-Emperor of...", "The Heretics of...", and "The Children of.." the title planet, also known as Arrakis. FTP, name this Frank Herbert novel, made into a bad 1984 movie starring Sting.

Answer: _Dune_

6. In this Asian nation of approximately 65 million, the use of French as an administrative language has been in steady decline since the end of colonial rule. FTP, identify this nation, united in 1976 after a thirty years of civil war and struggles with France and the United States.

Answer: _Vietnam_

7. The assassination of James Garfield by Charles Guiteau, a disgruntled office seeker, forced Congress to take steps to reform the Spoils System. FTP, name the bill passed in 1883 which established competitive exams for some federal jobs and created the Civil Service Commission.

Answer: _Pendleton_ Act

8. Born in 1483 in Urbino, some of his better known religious paintings include "Madonna with the Goldfinch" and the "Alba Madonna". In 1508, he was commissioned to decorate the Vatican Palace, and it is in the Palace's Stanza della Segnatura where his masterpiece resides. FTP, name this artist of "The School of Athens".

Answer: _Raphael_ (Raffaello Santi)

9. He was the first President of the United States to have been an Eagle Scout and the first to visit Japan while in office. On the Simpsons, he invited Homer over to eat nachos and watch football. His dog, a golden retriever, was named Liberty. FTP name this man, the 38th President of the US.

Answer: Gerald _Ford_

10. He held the position of Latin secretary to Oliver Cromwell, and the grueling work cost him his eyesight. His works include the elegy "Lysidas", the dramatic poem "Samson Agonistes", and the political tract "Aeropagitica". FTP, name this English author of _Paradise Lost_.

Answer: John _Milton_

11. The last Secretary of this Cabinet department was Kennth C. Royall. Previous Secretaries included William Howard Taft, Robert Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Edwin Stanton, and the first, Henry Knox. FTP, name this Cabinet department which became a branch of the Department of Defense in 1947.

Answer: Department of _War_ (or War Department)

12. This Swedish biologist became interested in classification schemes after studying the sexual organs of flowers, and he classified all known plant species on that basis. FTP, identify this scientist who first called humans "Homo sapiens" and introduced the current system of binomial nomenclature.

Answer: Carolus _Linnaeus_ (or Carl von Linne)

13. This city in the Hejaz is located 220 miles north of Mecca. Originally called Yathrib, it contains the tomb of Mohammed and is one of the holiest cities of Islam. FTP, name this city to which Mohammed fled in 622 in the Hegira.

Answer: _Medina_

14. London in 1851; Paris in 1889; Chicago in 1893; Buffalo in 1901; St. Louis in 1904; Chicago again in 1933-34; New York in 1939-40; Seattle in 1962; New York again in 1964-65; Montreal in 1967; Spokane in 1974; and Knoxville in 1982. These were the sites and dates of, FTP, what type of international exposition?

Answer: _World's Fair_

15. Composed in 1792 by Claude Roget de Lisle, it was originally titled "Song of War for the Army of the Rhine". Soldiers singing it entered Paris later that year, and it became wildly popular. FTP, name this song, the French national anthem.

Answer: _La Marseillaise_

16. The historian Flavius Josephus says this man was a harsh administrator, and he was recalled to Rome after his behavior provoked a riot. FTP, identify this procurator of Judea from 26 to 36 AD who presided over the trial of Jesus.

Answer: Pontius _Pilate_

17. His absenteeism displeased his master, who succeded to the throne of England as George I. To propitiate the king, he is said to have composed the "Water Music." To celebrate the treaty of Aix-le-Chapelle, he wrote the "Royal Fireworks Music." FTP, name this composer of the "Messiah."

Answer: Georg Friedrich _Handel_

18. Composed of 100 cantos written in terza rima, it begins with the poet lost in the Wood of Error on Good Friday, 1300. It then follows the poet's travels through the afterlife, led by Vergil and Beatrice. FTP, identify this epic poem by Dante Alighieri.

Answer: The _Divine Comedy_

19. Developed at Bell Labs in 1948, this electronic device can be used as an amplifier, rectifier, or switch. FTP, identify this device which revolutionized electronic circuits by replacing the vacuum tube.

Answer: _transistor_

20. An ace fighter pilot in World War I, he joined the Nazis in 1922, and founded the Gestapo in 1933. He directed the entire German economy before 1943 when he was stripped of power, partly because of his morphine addiction. FTP, name this Nazi who headed the German Luftwaffe.

Answer: Hermann _Goering_

21. "If you're a young Mafia gangster out on your first date, I bet it's really embarrassing if someone tries to kill you." "It's too bad that whole families have to be torn apart by something as simple as wild dogs." FTP, these are just a few of the so-called Deep Thoughts of what man, as seen on Saturday Night Live?

Answer: Jack _Handey_

22. The name of this famous dish is actually a contraction of the words "for her" in Spanish. FTP, name this Spanish dish containing vegetables, seafood & chicken, and flavored with saffron.

Answer: _paella_

1996 Maryland Classic High School Tournament


Packet 4 by Ohio State
1. Give the Shakespearean play which contains the following quotes.

1. "Lay on, MacDuff..."

Answer: _Macbeth_ (also accept _The Scottish Play_ if the team is overly


2. "This was the noblest Roman of them all."

Answer: _Julius Caesar_

3. "If music be the food of love, play on..."

Answer: _Twelfth Night_

2. Identify these former leaders of the Soviet Union from a brief description.

1. Noteworthy events during his administration included the signing of the SALT I agreement and the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968.

Answer: Leonid _Brezhnev_

2. He was the Soviet ambassador to Hungary during the 1956 uprising. He served as general secretary of the Soviet communist party from late 1982 until

February of 1984.

Answer: Yuri _Andropov_

3. Stalin ousted him from the politburo and expelled him from Russia. He fled to Mexico City where he was assassinated with an ice pick by Ramon del Rio.

Answer: Leon _Trotsky_

3. Identify these Canadian provinces & territories from clues for 10 points each, or for 5 each if you need an additional clue telling you some major cities.

1. For 10 points: It contains Banff and Wood Buffalo National Parks.

For 5 points: Edmonton & Calgary

Answer: _Alberta_

2. For 10 points: It contains the French colonial fortress of Louisbourg and was the original home of the Acadians whom the British forcibly evicted.

For 5 points: Halifax

Answer: _Nova Scotia_

3. For 10 points: It controls all the islands in Ungava Bay, James Bay, and Hudson Bay.

For 5 points: Yellowknife

Answer: _Northwest Territories_

4. Answer the following related questions about plants for 10 points each.

1. What are the pores in the epidermis of leaves and stems which aids in gas exchange.

Answer: _stoma_ or _stomata_

2. What are the cells on each side of the stomata which controls their opening and closing.

Answer: _guard_ cells

3. And finally, what is the term for the evaporation of water from plants which mainly occurs through the stomata.

Answer: _transpiration_
5. Major League Soccer began again in the US on April 6, with team names that are, well, interesting. Given the city, supply the team nickname for 5 points each.

1. Kansas City

Answer: _Wiz_

2. Washington D.C.

Answer: _United_

3. Tampa Bay

Answer: _Mutiny_
6. This organzization, abbreviated IUPAC, has the unenviable task of sorting out the who discovered new elements and deciding what they should be named. For 5 points for each word and a 5 point bonus for all 5, what does IUPAC stand for?

Answer: _International_ _Union_ of _Pure_ and _Applied_ _Chemistry_

7. Identify the authors of the following works of 20th-Century literature for 10 points each.

1. _The Secret Sharer_, _Lord Jim_

Joseph _Conrad_

2. _Portnoy's Complaint_

Answer: Philip _Roth_

3. _In Cold Blood_, _Breakfast at Tiffany's_

Truman _Capote_
8. Answer the following questions about the Peloponnesian War for 10 points each.

1. The events of the Peloponnesian War were recounted by what Greek historian?

Answer: _Thucydides_

2. Sparta and its allies formed this alliance, which went to war with Athens due to fear of growing Athenian power.

Answer: _Pelopennesian_ League

3. The Peloponnesian League was established to counter what alliance between Athens and its subject cities?

Answer: _Delian_ League
9. Identify the famous newspapermen being described for 10 points each:

1. By 1927 he controlled an empire of 25 newspapers including the _New York Daily Mirror_, the _New York Journal-American_, and the _Los Angeles Examiner_.

Answer: William Randolph _Hearst_

2. Among the most famous papers in his publishing empire were the _New York Sun_ and the _St. Louis Evening Dispatch_.

Answer: Joseph _Pulitzer_

3. Co-founder of Baltimore's _The American Mercury_ and famous for his sardonic quips, he once defined Puritanism as, "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."

Answer: H. L. _Mencken_
10. 30-20-10, name the U.S. President.

30: He claimed that he only knew two songs, saying that "One is Yankee Doodle, and the other one isn't." He was known as the Hero of Fort Donelson, and was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio.

20: He managed to gain reelection in 1872 despite the Whiskey Ring scandal.

10: His vice-president was Schuyler Colfax, and his administration saw the Credit Mobilier scandal.

Answer: (Hiram) Ulysses S. _Grant_
11. Acronyms are very popular on the Intenet. Given an internet acronym, give the full name of the abbreviation for the stated number of points.

For 5 points: WWW

Answer: _World Wide Web_

For 10 points: FAQ

Answer: _Frequently Asked Questions_

For 15 points: HTML

Answer: _Hypertext Markup Language_
12. For 10 points each, give the author who created the following the following recurring literary characters.

1. Nick Adams

Answer: Ernest _Hemingway_

2. Jack Ryan

Answer: Tom _Clancy_

3. Mike Hammer

Answer: Mickey _Spillane_
13. 30-20-10 Identify the year in which all the following events occurred.

30: Apollo 9 becomes the first manned spacecraft to orbit the moon; US Naval

ship "Pueblo" captured by North Korea

20: Russian troops crush the "Prague Spring" movement in Czechoslovakia

10: Martin Luther King, Jr. & Robert Kennedy assassinated.

Answer: _1968_

14. The character of James Bond, first created by British ex-secret agent Ian

Fleming, has long been very popular in both literature and cinema. For five points each, identify the five actors who have portrayed James Bond on the silver screen in REAL films, as opposed to Casino Royale.

Answer: Sean _Connery_, George _Lazenby_, Roger _Moore_, Timothy _Dalton_, Pierce _Brosnan_
15. Given a clue, identify the U.S. state being described, 30-20-10.

30: Home of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

20: Home of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

10: Home of Stone Mountain and the Andersonville National Historic Site

Answer: _Georgia_
16. For 5 points each, identify the inventor of the following inventions.

1. stock ticker

Answer: Thomas Alva _Edison_

2. dynamite

Answer: Alfred _Nobel_

3. Polaroid camera

Answer: Edwin _Land_

4. bifocal lenses

Answer: Benjamin _Franklin_

5. reaper

Answer: Cyrus _McCormick_

6. safety razor

Answer: King _Gillette_
17. 30-20-10 Identify the author from works.

30: _It Can't Happen Here_, _Dodsworth_

20: _Elmer Gantry_, _Babbitt_

10: _Arrowsmith_, _Main Street_

Answer: Sinclair _Lewis_
18. Identify the following Norse gods, 10 each. Norse names, please, not German:

1. His ravens were Hugin and Munin, his spear was Gungnir, and he sacrificed one eye to gain the mead of poetry. Name this god of wisdom.

Answer: _Odin_

2. The father of Hel, the Midgard serpent, and the Fenris Wolf, this mischeivous character was a sworn brother of Odin.

Answer: _Loki_

3. His hammer was Mjollnir, and he frequently went on adventures with Loki. Name this god of thunder.

Answer: _Thor_
19. Let's check and see how well you were paying attention in your French classes. Given the name of a color in English, identify its French equivalent for five points each.

1. White

Answer: _blanche_ or _blanc_

2. Purple

Answer: _Pourpre_

3. Green

Answer: _Vert_

4. Yellow

Answer: _Jaune_

5. Red

Answer: _Rouge_

6. Black

Answer: _Noir_
20. Given an African nation, tell what European country originally colonized it, 10 each:

1. Zaire

Answer: _Belgium_

2. Algeria

Answer: _France_

3. Angola

Answer: _Portugal_

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