1995 mlk weekend Tournament Questions by Vanderbilt B

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1995 MLK Weekend Tournament

Questions by Vanderbilt B
1. She was born in 1851 and grew up in St. Louis, but after she married a plantation owner moved to New Orleans. After he died, she returned home and turned to writing, publishing the novel "At Fault" in 1890. Her favorite topics include Louisiana and what women do when their husbands aren't around. For 10 points, identify this author of "The Story of an Hour, " A night in Acadie, and Bayou Folk who is best known for the novel, The Awakening.

Answer: Kate Chopin

2. Sex with a dead guy, gratuitous fingernail painting, a movie called Ass worshipping Rim Jobbers, and a guy named Dante. Sound gross? It must have been because lawyer Alan Dershowitz was hired to appeal this film's NC 17 rating. FTP, name this movie directed by Kevin Smith set in a convenience store adjoining a video rental shop.

Answer: Clerks

3. Their independentcity-states included Caera, Chiui, Veii, Clusium, Perguia, Tarquinia, Vulci, Arrezzo, and Vetulonia. They adopteed much from Greek civilization, including their alphabet. They established themselves in what is now modern Tuscany before the 7th century BC. Greek historian Herodotus claimed that they came from Lydia in Asia Minor. For 10 poitns, identify these people that turned Rome into a city only to eventually be assimilated by the Romans.

Answer: Etruscans

4. He confirmed the long term stability of the solar system by mathematically demonstrating the long-term periodicity of the inner three Galilean satellites of Jupiter, the mutually perturbing planets of Jupiter and Saturn, and acceleration mean of the Moon. For 10 points, identify this French scientist and author of the five volume Treatise on Celestial Mechanics, devisor of the nebular hypothesis, and who advised Napolean he had no need for the hypothesis of God.

Answer: Marquis de Laplace

5. A French painter born in 1819, he painted realistic scenes of everyday life as well as autobiographical scenes. His main goal was to express truth in his paintings such as "The Quarry" and "Apples and Pomegranates. FOr 10 points, identify this foremost realist painter of 19th century France whose best known works are Burial at Ornans and The Stonebreakers.

Answer: Gustave Courbet

6. Though he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1971, his sentence was eventually reduced to ten years and he was paroled in March 1974. For 10 points, identify this platoon leader who on May 16, 1968 rounded up and shot to death 347 unarmed men, women and children in a supposed Viet Cong stronghold in the South Vietnamese hamlet of My Lai.

Answer: Lt. William L. Calley, Jr.

7. He was blacklisted for refusing to answer questions concerning his Communist affiliations in 1947. He wrote the screenplays for Exodus, Spartacus, The Sandpiper, and The Fixer. For 10 points, identify this American author whose most famous work, Johnny Got His Gun, was used by Metallica in their first video.

Answer: Dalton Trumbo

8. They are comprised of till and are unstratified rock debris that may range in size from clay and sand to large boulders. They originate in from many locations and are classified as terminal lateral and median given in in accordance with their position relative to a glacier or ice sheet. For 10 points, what are these piles of debris laid down by glaciers during both advance and retreats.

Answer: Moraine

9. This doctrine was shared by Buddhists, certain elements of traditinal Hinduism, and by the Jains in ancient India, but not until the appearance of Mahatma Gandhi at the end of the 19th century did it take on its political and social apects associated with pacifism. For 10 points, what is this term for the doctrine that one should never take human or animal life.

Answer: Ahimsa

10. It was, among other things, the most profitable business deal in Venetian history. In return for the assistance of thousands of Venetian soldiers, the city received 85000 silver marks plus half of everything taken on land or at sea, and that half ended up being a great deal of wealth. It took a detour through Zara and Constantinople although these were not sites approved by the pope. FTP, name this event declared by Pope Innocent III to liberate the Holy Sepulcher.

Answer: Fourth Crusade

11. The title character, like all her family, is a resident of Mashalsea prison, where her father is in prison for debt. While there, her family is befriended by Arthur Clennam who later ends up in debt himself but is forgotten by his former friends who have inherited a fortune. For 10 points, what is this novel centered on young Amy by Charles Dickens.

Answer: Little Dorrit

12. He was one of the early supporters of the theory of conservation of energy. However, he was a brewer at the time rather than a professional scientist, so he could not get his views published in scientific journals. Instead, he presented his paper as a lecture in Manchester and got it printed in full in a Manchester newspaper. He went on to make great contributions to thermodynamics. FTP, name this man after whom the SI unit for energy is named.

Answer: James Prescott Joule

13. This sculpture was attributed by Pliny the Elder to the Rhodian sculptors Agesander, Athenodorus, and Polydorus; and it was dated around the first century B. C. It was rediscovered in Rome in 1506 and was exalted in the late 16th century as a symbol of unrestrained emotion. FTP, what is this sculpture, depicting the death of a Trojan priest and his sons by serpents of Poseidon.

Answer: Laocoon group

14. This language originated around 1500 BC in the Middle East, the native language of a nomadic group that settled in the Syro Palestinian area. It became the colloquial language of the region under the Persians after 539 BC. It is still spoken today by Jacobite and Nestrian Christians in northeastern Iran and bordering areas of Iraq, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. FTP, what is the language f Jesus and the Jewish Talmud.

Answer: Aramaic

15. While governor of Australia in 1808, he tried to eliminate smuggling of liquor and other illegal activities and incited a "Rum Rebellion." However, he is better known for a more famous uprising in 1789. FTP, name this man made famous by the mutiny of his crew on the HMS Bounty.

Answer: William Bligh

16. While President of Harvard, he declared that if every other student left because a black student had been accepted, then the college would dedicate all of its resources to that student. He was the Secretary of State under Fillmore and was the vice presidential candidate for the Constitutional Union Party in 1860. FTP, identify this man who gave the keynote speech at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Answer: Edward Everett

17. The oboe, the french horn, the flute, the kettle drums, a 3 piece string section are all instruments that are part of this "musical tale for children.". You may think that this is unreasonable, but it is almost guaranteed that one of your first times hearing these instruments were at a performance of this work. For 10 points, identify this composition by Sergei Prokofiev.

Answer: Peter and the Wolf

18. You may not think about this disease very often, but it is sure that you've glanced at its name before, especially if you like those "just one calorie" drinks. When a child is stricken by this disease, brain damage and light retardation will occur if preventive steps are not taken. Although the disease is rare, newborns are routinely tested by drawing blood from their heels. Because of the efforts of one doctor, the disease has been largely prevented in the Pennsylvania Amish. For ten points, name this disease caused by an inability to metabolize the amino acid phenylanine.

Answer: phenylketonuria or PKU

19. This small republican country consists of 33 islands in the Pacific Ocean. It contains 3 island groups: 8 of the Line Islands, the 8 Phoenix Islands, and the 16 Gilbert Islands and Banaba. FTP, name this country whose capital is at Bairiki.

Answer: Kiribati

20. There is a bar named after him in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where he lived in 1897 as a fugitive from embezzlement charges in the US. He began writing stories during his three years in prison and became a prolific short story writer. FTP, give the better know pen name of this author of Cabbages and Kings and The Four Million and Other Stories.

Answer: O. Henry or W.S. Porter

21. He was the leading Christian spokesman of his time. He introduced to monasticism to Western Christianity. He is perhaps better known for his role in the Council of Nicaea and his arguments against homoiousios and the Arians. FTP, name this bishop whose creed is very similar to the Nicene Creed.

Answer: Athanasius

22 Born as Mustafa Kemal in Salonika, Greece, he rose to the rank of general in World War I. He became famous for his role in the defeat of the allies at Gallipolli Peninsula. FTP, name this man, the founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey.

Answer: Kemal Ataturk

23. This city's population is only 26,571 , but there are over 3100 square miles within the city limits, making it the largest city in terms of area in the U. S. Its average annual temperature is 40 degrees F, yet it is near a glacier. FTP, name this town on the Alaska panhandle which is also the capital of that state.

Answer: Juneau

24. In 1920, a prominent newspaper editorialized against this man. "That Professor (Blank) with his chair in Clark College and the countenancing of the Smithsonian Institution does not know the relationship of action to reaction, and of the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react    to say that would be absurd. Of course, he only seems to lack the knowledge ladled out daily in high schools." Along with the

obvious ignorance of physics, the paper was writing against of the vanguard of American space conquest. FTP, name this man, who launched the first liquid fuel rocket in 1926.

Answer: Robert H. Goddard
25. It is subtitled "Reflections on Life's Final Chapter." Its chapters include "Doors to the Death of the Aged", "Murder and Serenity", "The Strangled Heart", and "A Valentine and how it fails." No, it's not a combination of The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Crime and Punishment. This book poignantly describes the both scientific and psychological details about human mortality. For ten points, name this book, a New York Times bestseller written by Sherwin B. Nuland.

Answer: How We Die

Jackie Stewart, Mark Decker, Stan Musial, Jerry Lucas, Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Joe Montana. Name this award presented to Bonnie Blair and Johann Olav Koss this year by Sports Illustrated magazine.

Answer: Sportsman of the Year

Its mean density is 5250 kg/m3/ Its nearest moon is 3.58E5 km away. Its mass is 5.28e24 kg. Its 1.50e8 kilometers away from the nearest star. Its radius is about 6.37e3 km. Its gravitational acceleration on its surface is approximately 9.81 m/s2 and its period of rotation is 23h 36 min. For ten points, which planet's vital statistics am I reading?

Ans: Earth

Over his 21 year career in the majors he hit .305, had 3154 hits, a Gold Glove, and an MVP award. He is better known for the pine tar incident of 1983. FTP, who was this longtime Kansas City Royal.

Answer: George Brett

Imagine if the United States minted silver dollars and then took them out of circulation. The USA would then begin to mint money out of cheap metals, and as a result, silver dollars would stop circulating because everyone is hoarding them for later sale. FTP, what is this economic principle that states that bad money will drive good money out of circulation.

Answer: Gresham's Law

It is the only member of the genus Acinonyx. There are two species of it, both endangered and living in Africa. It is the only member of the cat family to chase its prey rather than stalking and pouncing. FTP, what is this cat, the fastest land animal.

Answer: Cheetah

1995 MLK Weekend Tournament

Questions by Vanderbilt B
1. Here's something fast and simple. Name all six tribes in the League of the

Iroquois for 5 points each.

Answer: Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, Tuscarora
2. Given the name of the painting, tell me the name of the artist for ten points each.

a. The Vision of the Sermon Answer: Paul Gauguin

b. Portrait of Madam X Answer: John Singer Sargent

c. Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket Answer: J.A.M. Whistler

3. 30-20-10 Identify this author from works.

1. A Thirsty Evil, Hollywood, Empire

2. Visit to a Small Planet, Julian, and 1876

3. Lincoln and Myra Breckinridge

Answer: Gore Vidal
4. Identify these individuals in modern physics for ten points each.

1. He created a theorem on blackbody radiation, that the ratio of light emitted to light absorbed is a universal function of the temperature and nothing else.

Answer: Gustav Kirchoff

b. He found that when a magnet is heated, a temperature is reached at which magnetism disappears.

Answer: Pierre Curie

c. He introduced the wave equation in quantum mechanics.

Answer: Erwin Schrodinger
5. Answer the following questions about the history of Hungary for 10 points each.

1. The MarchLaws, instituting a liberal constitutional monarchy were passed in the wake of the revolution of what turbulent year?

Answer: 1848

2. What man proclaimed Hungary a Republic in April, 1849?

Answer: Louis Kossuth

3. What man overthrew the short-lived Communist soviet republic of Bela Kun in 1919 and instituted the WHite Terror against leftists?

Answer: Admiral Nicholas Horthy (de Nagybanya)
6. Addison and Steele, can you keep them and their works straight. Answer the following questions about these two contemporaries for the stated number of points.

1. For 10 points, which of them founded The Tatler?

Answer: Richard Steele

2. For 10 points, what other newspaper was founded by Addison with Steele in 1711?

Answer: The Spectator

3. For 10 points, what poem did Addison write in 1704 to celebrate Britain's victory at Blenheim?

Answer: The Campaign
7. It's time to worry about your body shape. When I describe a type of body shape, give me the technical name for the body type, ten points each.

a. Thin, large skin surface, dominated by outer skin and nervous system. Looks a lot like Elizabeth taylor during her young, skinny stage.

Answer: ectomorph

b. Heavy, flabby. Looks a lot like Elizabeth taylor during her chubby days.

Answer: endomorph

c. Sturdy, highly developed bones and muscles. Looks a lot like Elizabeth Taylor when she started working out to impress Richard Burton.

Answer: mesomorph
8. Identify the scientist on a 30 20 10 basis.

a He developed the economic idea incorrectly known as "Gresham's Law."

b. He was a canon of the church in Frombork, and helped in negotiations between his people and the Teutonic Knights of Prussia. He first outlined his scientific theories in the work, Commentariolus.

c. He was the father of modern astronomy theorized that the Earth was not the center of the universe as had been previously believed as was published in his landmark On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Speheres.

Answer: Nicholas Copernicus

9. Given the opera or operetta, name the composer for ten points each.

a. Orpheus in the underworld Answer: Jaques Offenbach

b. Elektra Answer: Richard Strauss

c. Ivanhoe Answer: Sir Arthur Sullivan
10. When I tell you a work, name the famous muckraker for ten points each.

1. History of Standard Oil Company Answer: Ida M. Tarbell

2. The Shame of the Cities Answer: Lincoln Steffans

3. The Great American Fraud Answer: Sameul Hopkins Adams

11. Since the advent of Star Trek: Generations and the death of Captain Kirk, we must ponder for a moment all those that failed to kill him. Star Trek villains are sometimes great, sometimes simply horrid. However, they always almost destroy the Enterprise but Kirk always "finds a way to turn death into a fighting chance to live." For five points each give the villian or threat from:

1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture Answer: V'ger or Voyager VI

2. Star Trek II Answer: Khan Noonian Singh

3. Star Trek V Answer: Sybok

4. Star Trak VI (2 answers, 5 each) Answer: General Chang and Admiral Cartwright.

5. Star Trek: Generations Answer: Soren

12. On a 30 20 10 basis, name the actor.

a. This Englishman first gained a large following for his roles as Herbert Pocket in Great Expectations and Fagin in Oliver Twist.

b. He won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1957 for The Bridge on the River Kwai

c. He may be best remembered by younger generations as Obi wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

Answer: Sir Alec Guinness
13. 30 20 10, identify the following country.

1. Its highest point, Mount Jouzapine, is only about 985 feet tall. Its only commercial seaport is Klaipeda, on the Baltic Sea.

2. It is bordered to the east by Byelorus, to the southwest by Poland, and Russia.

3. Its capital is Vilnius.

Answer: Lithuania
14. Answer the following questions about Homer's Iliad for the stated number of points.

5 points: After Achilles was killed, this Greek went mad and killed himself because Odysseus beat him out for Achilles' armor.

Answer: Ajax or Aias

10 points: Achilles pouted in his tent because Agamemnon took this slave girl from him.

Answer: Briseis

15 points: When Zeus sent a false dream to Agamemnon, it was in the form of this prophet.

Answer: Calchas
15. Extra! Extra! Answer these questions about newspapers of the world for ten points each.

a. This newspaper is based in Virginia and has the second highest US circulation for a daily newspaper, after the Wall Street Journal.

Answer: USA Today

b. The name of this newspaper of the CIS, formerly the official newspaper of the USSR, means "news" in English.

Answer: Izvestia

c. It is the oldest daily newspaper in the US.

Answer: Philadelphia Enquirer
16. Name the author from a list of works on a 30 20 10 basis.

a. Across the Plains and A Footnote to History

b. Weir of Hermiston and Travels with a Donkey in Cevennes

c. Treasure Island and The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson

17. Thou shalt, thou shalt, thou shalt. The ten commandments are often referred to in literature, but who really knows them? For that matter, who really follows them? But never mind that, for 5 points each, I'll give you the commandment, you give me the namber. These are taken from the King James Version.

1. Thou shalt not bear false witness to your neighbor. Answer: 9

2. Thou shalt not make a carved image... you shall not bow down to it nor serve them. Answer: 2

3. Thou shalt not covert thy neighbors house, etc.,etc. Answer: 10

4. Thou shalt not murder. Answer: 6

5. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord in vain. Answer: 3

6. You shall not commit adultery. Answer: 7

18. For ten points each, identify the following stages of mitosis after a description for ten points each.

1. When the chromosome pairs line up along the center of the dividing cell.

Answer: metaphase

2. When the chromosome pairs split and move to opposite poles of the cell.

Answer: anaphase

3. When the cell begins to become two cells and two nuclei just begin to assemble at opposite ends of the cell. At this stage, the cell itself just begins to divide.

Answer: telophase
19. For 10 points each, identify the authors fo the following 20th century plays.

1. The Resistible Rise of Arture Di Answer: Berthold Brecht

2. The Birthday Party Answer: Harold Pinter

3. Suddenly Last Summer Answer: Tennessee Williams

20. In any constellation, the alpha star is the brightest star in that constellation. FTP each, name the alpha star in each of the following constellations.

1. Ursa Minor Answer: Polaris

2. Leo Answer: Regulus

3. Taurus Answer: Aldebaran

21. Given the nation, identify the capital for five points each.

a. Equitorial guinea Answer: Malabo

b. Mauritania Answer: Nouakchott

c. Cameroon Answer: Yaounde

d. Cape Verde Answer: Praia

e. Swaziland Answer: Mbabane

f. Zambia Answer: Lusaka
Given the following inventions or technological advances, name the people responsible for ten points each.

a. the electric generator Answer: Michael Faraday

b. the automatic machine gun Answer: Hiram Maxim

c. the gasoline engine Answer: Gottleib Daimler

Because the writer of this question is a die hard Oregonian, there must be a question about the Rose Bowl. By this time, it has already been decided. Perhaps the impossible has happened and webfoots all across the Beaver State can die in peace. In any case, for the stated amount of points, answer these questions.

For 5 points, name the most prominent members of the players on the Nittany Lions team. One is a running back the other is a quarterback.

Answer: Kerry Collins and Kijana Carter

For another five points each, name the towns in which Penn State and the University of Oregon reside.

Answer: College Park, Pennsylvania and Eugene, Oregon

For another 5, give the nickname of the vaunted Ducks defense that is going up against the infamous Lions offense.

Answer: Gang Green

Finally, we can't neglect the Oregon offense, can we? For ten points, give the name of the Oregon Ducks quarterback.

Answer: Danny O'Neil
30 20 10 Name this American City

30 points. Castro Street is one the nightlife centers in this city.

20. In the mid 1980's it had a rather odd debacle about its official songs. Tony Bennett sings one of them.

10. Dianne Feinstein was its mayor and Barbara Boxer was one of

its congresswomen.

Answer: San Francisco

For five points each, and a five point bonus for all five, list the five largest seas of the world in terms of area.

Answer: Coral Sea, Arabian Sea, South China Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Bering Sea

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