1900 to 1950 Fashions

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1900 to 1950 Fashions

  1. The silhouette style in 1900 was the with softer curves and less restrictive corsets.

  2. The permanent wave was introduced in what year?

  3. invented a practical outfit for avid bicyclists, which consisted of a tunic dress worn over loose trousers gathered at the ankle.

  4. Annette Kellerman’s introduction of the shocked the world.

  5. Men and women in 1910 wore what to protect their clothing from dirt when driving/riding in cars?

  6. During WWI, the barrel silhouette or the became popular.

  7. The women’s movement made it possible for women to wear what? _________________________________________

  8. The ________________ skirt was introduced by __________ ____________ in the 1910’s and was very restrictive to women.

  9. The 1920’s silhouette was called ___________________________.

  10. The was introduced in the 1920s, but instead of being used to lift or enhance the female figure, it was used to flatten it.

  11. Circle one. Flapper girls wore headbands with a feather in the front, powdered their faces, rouged their knees, and wore the (shortest/longest) skirts in history.

  12. College educated women were called?

  13. was the “ultimate trendsetter” for men of the 1920s.

  14. The pants worn by men were called ____________________________

  15. Name the designer who once said “I will strive for omission, not addition.”

  16. Which designer of the 1920s used black and navy in frill-free designs?

  17. The “Good Times” of the 1920’s ended with the _____________________

  18. What year did the “Good Times” of the 1920’s end? ___________________

  19. Name three movies that represent the 1920s.

  20. The 1930”s was the ______________________ era.

  21. What became very popular in clothes for all people? __________________

  22. What were baby’s layettes made out of? ____________________________

  23. Underwear for children was embroidered with what logo? ______________

  24. What happened at the end of the 1930’s to stop fashion? ______________

  25. What was the style of dress for evening wear? _______________________

  26. Another name for pants worn by women was? _______________________

  27. ____________was the law that restricted the manufacture of clothing.

  28. Where did fashion designers look for inspiration in the 1940’s? __________

  29. The ___________________ _______________ was adopted for civilian use.

  30. The silhouette of the 1940’s was called the ______________ ____________.

  31. How did the war influence women of the 1940’s? _____________________________________________________________

  32. In 1947 _________________ ______ designed “The New Look”.

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