1805 born in Genoa 1819

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Guiseppe Mazzini

  • 1819 went to University of Genoa

to study Law

  • Around 1830 joined Carbonari; got arrested for

introducing more members; pursuing the idea of “Liberty of country”


  • April, 1831 Charles-Albert became king of Sardinia-


  • 1831-1833 supported revolutionary actions; sentenced

to death in absentia

  • 1833 membership of Young Italy banned by

Government and could lead to death sentence

Society was found “of men believing in a future of liberty, equality and fraternity for all mankind; and desirous of consecrating their thoughts and actions to the realization of that future”

  • 1836 left Switzerland, moved to London, worked

as a journalist

  • 1849 Pope was exiled to Gaeta

M. was elected Triumverate, one of the highest offices in the New Roman Republic

  • July 3rd, 1849 Pope asked European countries for help;

French troops batter the New Roman Empire; Mazzini exiled to London

  • 1859 M. returned to Italy

  • 1865 objected seat in the Turin Italian Parliament

  • Aug.-Oct.,1870 sent to jail for plotting two conspiracies

  • March 10th, 1872 Mazzini dies in Pisa

Young Italy

  • Established in 1831 to liberate Italy

  • Founded due to the Carbonari’s ineffectiveness

  • Fought for an independent and unified republic

    • On an intellectual but radical level

  • By 1833 about 60,000 members

  • “Without unity there is not truly a nation, since without unity there is no strength”

  • Ideas spread to other nation

  • Failed some plots against the government in the 1830s and 1840s

  • Because of a drop in popularity, Mazzini altered Young Italy into Italian National Committee




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