1307 King Edward dies while on campaign against Robert the Bruce

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King Edward dies while on campaign against Robert the Bruce.

Edward II, King of England, rules until 1327.

Dante's Divine Comedy written about 1307-1321


Albert I, Holy Roman Emperor, dies. His replacement: Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor to 1313.


English barons appoint appoint 21 peers--the Lords Ordainers--to manage Edward II's household and control the country until the king reaches his maturity.


The King of France abolishes the Order of Knights Templar, accusing them of witchcraft.

Birth of Geoffrey Chaucer's father, John Chaucer.


Birth of Giovanni Boccaccio.


Battle of Bannockburn: Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II and makes Scotland independent.

Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor at civil war withhis rival, Frederick of Austria.

Louis X, (Louis the Quarrelsome) King of France to 1316.


Swiss forces beat Leopold of Austria at battle of Morgarten.


John XXII becomes Pope. He holds the papal see until 1334.

The papacy orders eight Dominican friars to travel to Ethiopia in search of Prester John, a legendary Christian emperor.


France adopts the Salic Law, excluding women from succession to the throne.


The Swiss make peace with the Habsburgs.


Tughluk Dynasty in Delhi rules until 1413. Founded in 1320 by the Turk Ghiyas-ud-din Tughluk.


Death of Dante Alighieri shortly after his completion of the Divina Commedia.


Charles IV, the Fair, King of France. (Rules until 1328).


Traditional date of the Aztecs arrival in Tenochtitlán (Mexico City).


The Teutonic Knights go on crusade in Poland and Lithuania. They defeat the Poles in 1333.

Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer sail from France with an army to rebel against Edward II, King of England.


Edward III crowned king. He comes to power at age fourteen after a coup d'état takes place against his father, Edward II. (According to legend, Edward II was killed in a particularly gruesome manner nine months later while in prison.)

Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV invades Italy and declares Pope John XXII deposed.

Source: https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/timeline_1300.html

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