10-Literary genres-Dickens,Wilde,Christie Charles Dickens

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10-Literary genres-Dickens,Wilde,Christie
Charles Dickens -He is considered to be one of the greatest English novelists.He was born in Portsea(near Porthsmouth) in 1812.When he was nine,his family moved to London,where he spent very unhappy time.His father soon got in debt and was sent to a very unpleasant prison called Marchalsea.They were poor and young Charlie had to begin working in a blacking factory with adult and rough men,to earn some money.Then his father inherited some money and was allowed to leave the prison and Charles could attend a school.When he was fifteen,he was offered a job at solicitor´s but he refused to work as a lawyer´s clerk and learned shorthand and became a newspaper reporter of Morning Chronicle.He had been writing stories since his childhood and now he decided to send one into a magazine to be published.This attempt succeded and some time after this he had enough stories for a book called Sketches by Boz(Boz was first his pseudonym and second the nickname of his brother).His next work was Pickwick Papers that came out every month.When he was 25 he suddenly became one of the most famous artists in the country.He became rich and finally he could marry a daughter of his first publisher.The had 7 sons and 2 daughters.Despite of 22 years lasting marriage shocked the public by leaving his wife.Quite recently has been discovered,that the reason was some yuong actress who forced him to do it.

In his prose he mainly criticized the social system he had been born to.In his different novels he describes many kinds od unpleasant people and places-e.g.bad schools and schoolmasters(Hard Times),government departements(Little Dorrit),bad prisons(David Copperfield) or dirty houses(Oliver Twist).His characters include thieves,murderers.men in debt,stupid and unwashed men and women,hungry children etc.He was very significantly influenced by his childhood and bad conditions he experienced.Everything that happened to him he didn´t forget and used in his work.David Copperfield is a book that contains many autobiographical features and is also his most favourite.Many places from his life appear in this outstanding work-the blacking warehouse,poor district in London,London´s suburbs,the Marchelsea prison,hardworking but unsuccessful father and many others.Twice he wrote historical novels-Barnaby Rudge and A tale of two cities about the French revolution and events in London at the same time.

Charles Dickens was very practical man.He even managed to do three different activities in the same moment.He loved Christmas and wrote a few stories about them.The most famous is A Christmas Carol,which content tells abou an old and very impolite and bad man Scrroge,who improved his behaviour after being visited by three spirits(each of them represents past,present and fufure)that show him what will his life be like if he continues dealing with people like he used to do his whole life.
Agatha Christie -This most famous detective story writer was born in 1890 in Devon.She wrote 79 novels and several plays.She didn´t attend any school but was educated at home by her mother.During the World War I. she was working in a hospital dispensary and learned lot of about chemicals and poisons and antidotes.This was very important for her later carrer.She married twice.Her first marriage was very unhappy.In 1926 she divorced,her mother died and she suffered a nervous breakdown.For next 11 days she completely disappeared and nobody knew about her in this time.The media had given her very hard time because of her behaviour.She proclaimed or announced she didn´t know about herself.On 25th November 1952 her play the Mousetrap was introduced in London and today it is still running.She enjoyed her second marriage to an archeologist Max Mallowman.In her works we recognize two main characters both with typical features.

The first is Hercule Poirot who is a detective cooperating with Belgian police force.He´s very vain but as we know from TV series also very polite gentleman.He is about five feet tall and is quite comical.He is a genius because of his skills and ability to solve any mysterious case and always revealing the real suspect.

Her second character Miss Marple is an nice old spinster.She is very modest and intelligent.She lives in a small village.
Oscar Wilde -He was born in Ireland in 1854 and is considered to be one of the greatest personages of English literature in 19th century.He descended from an aristocratic family and could afford to study at the Oxford University.In his workes he turned to English puritan education as a prevention of bad manners in society.He criticized many negative features in the society.

Picture of Dorian Gray is dealing about a man who is immortal and who isn´t getting older because his age moved on a picture of his portrait.The most famous story by Oscar Wilde is The Nightingale and a rose.It´s about a young student who loves a rich girl and is prepared to die for her.She surprises him by giving him a chance,asking for a blossom of a red rose.He is very disappointed and confused because it is Winter and it´s impossible to find any rose.A small nightingale decides to help him.He sacrifices his life by giving his heart and blood to create a red blossom of a rose.When the young boy brings it to his lady she refuses it,because it is too ordinary.This story is very sad.It describes slow dying of the nightingale in fact for nothing.They both betrayed his trust.There are compared feelings with nature,cruelty and society.

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