10 Honors English

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10 Honors English

Mrs. Majewicz

Email: christina.majewicz@nn.k12.va.us

Web Page: www.teacherweb.com/VA/MenchvilleHS/Majewicz


  • Reading assignments are due on the day they are listed. You may expect pop quizzes on reading assignments.

  • Grammar practice and other assignments may be added into the daily schedule as time permits.

  • Students who are absent must make up all tests and quizzes after school.

  • This schedule will be adjusted as needed. Make corrections and additions to this sheet and keep it in your notebook.

  • This calendar is a CONTRACT – you are expected to be prepared for class, even after an absence.

  • This calendar, along with other documents, can be found on the class web page.


February 10/11: Pass back papers. (2nd Block – Julius Caesar test)

Review semester essays and SOL rubric

Do Personal Hell/Inferno Introduction

February 12/13: Cover the Seven Deadly Sins

Do Inferno background

Start Canto I
February 14/17: Finish Cantos I and II

Start Cantos III and IV

February 18/19: Homework Check: Cantos III – IV

Introduce Inferno group project

Read Canto V
February 20/21: Review Canto V

Assign Inferno project: partners and cantos

February 24/25: Quiz Cantos 1-V

Inferno in-class group work
February 26/27: Start Inferno presentations

Interim Period Ends

February 28/March 3 : Inferno presentations
March 4/5: Inferno presentations
March 6/7: Finish presentations

Inferno quotations

Start Inferno test review

March 10/11: Quotation Check

Inferno Review

Introduction Modern Hell Activity

March 12/13: Inferno Notes Quiz

Modern Hell Activity in class

March 14/17: INFERNO TEST
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