1. Who were the Allied Powers during wwii? Who were the leaders of the Allied countries?

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1. Who were the Allied Powers during WWII?

2. Who were the leaders of the Allied countries?
3. Who were the Axis Powers during WWII?
4. What two fascists were threatening Europe in the 1930s?
5. What was FDR's attitude towards American involvement in WWII?
6. Forcing Britain and France to declare war on Germany, who did Hitler

invade in 1939?

7. What was significant about Hitler and Stalin's non-aggression pact?
8. What was Hitler's "Final Solution?" Who was targeted?
9. What was the cash-and-carry policy?
10. What was the Lend-Lease Act?
11. Why did FDR approve of these measures?
12. What was FDR's nickname for America at this point in the war?
13. Who and what tried to prevent American ships in the Atlantic from delivering war supplies to Britain and France?
14. What was FDR's order to American ships in the Atlantic?
15. What was America and Japan's relationship just prior to Pearl Harbor?
16. What happened on December 7, 1941?
17. What challenges did minorities face as they served America in WWII?
18. How did WWII affect women and minorities at home?
19. Who was Rosie the Riveter?
20. What is rationing?
21. According to FDR, what are the four freedoms, which everyone in the world ought to enjoy?

22. What advice did Winston Churchill give to FDR following Pearl Harbor?

23. Who were the Tuskegee Airmen?

24. What happened on June 6, 1944? Who won this battle and what problems did it

force for the Germans?

25. What was the Battle of the Bulge, and who won?

26. What, and where, was the Battle of Midway?
27. Why was the Battle of the Midway a turning point for the Americans?
28. How were Navajo soldiers used in our war with the Japanese?
29. What was the Manhattan Project?
30. How did the war against the Japanese finally end?
31. Why were Japanese Americans attacked in America during the war years?
32. What actions did FDR take against Japanese Americans from 1942 1945?

How many Japanese Americans were affected?

33. What promise did Stalin make, and break, regarding Eastern Europe following WWII?

34. When, and for what purpose was the United Nations created?

35. Why did American businesses want to see free-market capitalism succeed in

36. What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan following WWII?

37. What is NATO, and why was it created?
38. What was the Atlantic Charter?
39. How did WWI and WWII affect minorities in America?
40. What was the outcome if Korematsu vs the US?

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