1. What does Miss Havisham want from Joe? How can you tell he is nervous?

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Great Expectations

Study Guide

Chapters 13-19

1. What does Miss Havisham want from Joe? How can you tell he is nervous?

2. What does Miss Havisham give to Pip? Why? Why does she call Joe back?

3. Pip says he has “reason to thing that Joe’s intellects were brightened by the encounter [with Miss Havisham] because of what took place afterward in Mr. Pumblechook’s parlor (pg 108). Explain what happened.

4. What does it mean to be “bound”? Who takes Pip to be bound, and how is he treated in the process?

5. How do Pip’s feelings about his home change? Why?

6. “It was not because I was faithful, but because Joe was faithful, that I never ran away and went for a soldier or a sailor.” (pg 113) Explain what this means.

7. To whom does Pip turn for help in learning all that he can? Why does he decline further instruction from Mr. Wopsle?

8. When Pip talks to Joe about visiting Miss Havisham, Joe starts talking about door-chains, toasting-forks, gridirons, etc. (pg 117) Why?

9. Who is Orlick and why does Pip compare him to Cain? (pg 118)

10. Why do Orlick and Joe have a fist-fight?

11. Estella is away when Pip visits Miss Havisham. Where is Estella?

12. How does Pip’s sister get injured? Whom does Pip suspect?

13. “Mr. Wopsle’s great-aunt gave up a confirmed habit of living into which she had fallen.” What does this mean? How does it affect Biddy?

14. How does Pip’s sister changer in her attitude towards Orlick after the attack?

15. What news does Mr. Jaggers bring Pip?

16. What does Pip argue with Biddy about, before he leaves? (pg 158)

17. Mr. Trabb greets Pip in a “hail-fellow-well-met” kind of way. How has his attitude towards Pip changed? Why?

18. How does Trabb’s boy feel about Pip?

19. Why doesn’t Pip want Joe to go to town with him?

20. Before going to London, Pip says good-bye to Miss Havisham. He refers to her as a “fairy godmother.” Why?
**Prediction: Pip wonders what might have been between him and Biddy if he hadn’t met Estella. Will he ever get together with Biddy? What will happen to his sister? How will his training in London go, and how will he get along with the gentlemen he will keep company with there?

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