1. The time of El Cid is a time of war and trouble in Spain

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El Cid True or False?
______ 1. The time of El Cid is a time of war and trouble in Spain.
______ 2. Rodrigo refuses to help carry the church crucifix (cross).
______ 3. Rodrigo (El Cid) has captured the Moors who burned the church.
______ 4. Rodrigo executes the Moorish prisoners.
______ 5. Chimene anxiously awaits for Rodrigo’s arrival.
______ 6. Chimene’s father says that she can learn to love again.
______ 7. When they meet outside the King’s court, Chimene won’t kiss or

embrace Rodrigo.

______ 8. Don Diego begs the King to forgive his son Rodrigo.
______ 9. Rodrigo asks, “Can a man live without honor?”
_____ 10. Count Gormaz, Chimene’s father, wounds Rodrigo in the arm.
_____ 11. Rodrigo is overjoyed when he kills Count Gormaz.
_____ 12. Chimene tells Rodrigo that she will learn to hate him.
_____ 13. King Ferdinand rides into court on horseback.
_____ 14. Rodrigo and Don Martín both take “ladies’ colors” into battle.
_____ 15. Rodrigo kills Don Martín in single combat.
_____ 16. King Ferdinand chooses Rodrigo as his new champion.
_____ 17. Count Ordóñez offers to kill Rodrigo for Chimene’s love.
_____ 18. Rodrigo asks King Ferdinand’s permission to marry Chimene.
_____ 19. Rodrigo saves the Moorish emir, Moutamin, from an ambush.
_____ 20. Rodrigo kills Ordóñez for betraying him and Prince Sancho.
_____ 21. Chimene says, “We have room for a few small ghosts.”
_____ 22. Rodrigo says, “I hoped our marriage would bring your love back


_____ 23. Reverend Mother tells Chimene, “You were not made for the

_____ 24. Prince Sancho and Prince Alfonso fight with daggers.

_____ 25. El Cid fights thirteen soldiers in order to free Prince Alfonso.
_____ 26. Bin Yusuf visits Valencia.
_____ 27. El Cid agrees to help Alfonso and Urraca fight Sancho.
_____ 28. Dolfos murders Prince Sancho as he sleeps in his tent.
_____ 29. Urraca says, “No one can ask a king to swear.”
_____ 30. El Cid asks King Alfonso to swear on the “holy cross of Christ.”
_____ 31. Alfonso sentences El Cid to death.
_____ 32. El Cid gives Lazarus the leper a drink of water.
_____ 33. Chimene tells Rodrigo that she loves him.
_____ 34. Rodrigo and Chimene find refuge in a barn.
_____ 35. Chimene raises her arm and shouts, “For Spain!”
_____ 36. Urraca has a nightmare.
_____ 37. El Cid tells Chimene, “Then we will see each other again.”
_____ 38. King Alfonso says he has forgiven El Cid.

_____ 39. El Cid has twin daughters.

_____ 40. El Cid says, “I’m never wrong. I can’t be wrong.”
_____ 41. El Cid and Moutamin greet each other in the middle of a stream.
_____ 42. King Alfonso is defeated and wounded.
_____ 43. Chimene says, “It takes more than courage to make a king.”
_____ 44. Chimene bribes the jailer with gold.
_____ 45. Ordóñez brings Chimene to El Cid.
_____ 46. El Cid proclaims, “Citizens of Valencia, we bring you death, we

bring you famine.”

_____ 47. The people of Valencia joyfully welcome El Cid into their city.
_____ 48. El Cid allows himself to be crowned King of Valencia.
_____ 49. Alfonso exclaims, “I am king of everything!”
_____ 50. Chimene is not afraid of Bin Yusuf’s approaching army.
_____ 51. In the first battle with Bin Yusuf, El Cid is wounded.
_____ 52. Moutamin says that the arrow must be withdrawn from the

Cid’s body.

_____ 53. El Cid tells Chimene, “You can’t save my life.”
_____ 54. The wounded Cid is unable to appear before the crowd.
_____ 55. El Cid proclaims, “Tomorrow morning I will ride with you.”
_____ 56. King Alfonso arrives at Valencia.
_____ 57. El Cid protests, “No! I won’t kneel to my King.”
_____ 58. El Cid doesn’t want to ride into battle with the King.
_____ 59. El Cid’s soldiers shout, “For God, the Cid, and Spain!”
_____ 60. In the last scene, Chimene lifts the Cid’s body from his horse.

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