1. The response to this legislation saw Thomas Moffat's and Cadwallder Colden's home ransacked. In response, the Bostonian formed the Loyal Nine and the Virginia Resolves were passed. Also, the Sons of Liberty erected the

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1. The response to this legislation saw Thomas Moffat's and Cadwallder Colden's home ransacked. In response, the Bostonian formed the Loyal Nine and the Virginia Resolves were passed. Also, the Sons of Liberty erected the Liberty Pole when it was repealed. A meeting named for this act discussed admiralty courts and the right to trial by jury. Passed by George Greenville, for ten points, name this act that taxed playing cards, legal documents and other paper goods.

ANSWER: Stamp Act

2. This phylum contains the marine animals salps and pyrosalmas, both of which are like doliods in that they are sea squirts and tunicates. Another member of this phylum is amphioxi, called lancelets. It includes caecilians, agnatha, tetrapods, synapsida and chondrichthyes. This phylum is defined by a presence of an endostyle and pharyngeal slits. Containing such members as anacondas and lemurs, for ten points, name this phylum that includes all vertebrates, of which humans are a member.

ANSWER: Chordates or Chordata

3. An attempt to foil this man occurs when a character hides under a cloth-covered table to eavesdrop on his wooing. At another point, Monsieur Loyal serves an eviction notice because of this character that ends up being arrested for revealing state secrets on order of the king. Earlier, Dorine and Damis point out his wickedness, while Valere objects to Mariane marrying him. Madame Pernelle and Orgon welcome him into his home and is allured by his false piety. For ten points, name this hypocrite created by Moliere.

ANSWER: Tartuffe

4. Cross Rivers and Kogo are two states in this country. Its eastern portion contains Kukuwa, Yola, and Mubi, while the Hadeija, Gongola, and Kaduna flow through a plateau once inhabited by the Yok civilization. Another ethnic group, the Mambila dwell in the Taraba region of this country that is also home to the Annang. This country has a city that is now the most populous city in Africa. Bordering Chad, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Cameroon, for ten points name this country that borders the Bight of Bonny and Gulf of Guinea whose cities include Lagos.

ANSWER: Federal Republic of Nigeria

5. This man wrote that rulers good or bad should be obeyed, unless they try to strip the people of Christianity. His rival was the author of Christianismi Restitutio. That publication led that rival of this man, Michael Servetus, to be burned at the stake. He formulated the ideas of irresistible grace and total depravity, and the most famous tenet of this man's religion was rebuffed at the Synod of Dort. For ten points, name this Genevese theologian that wrote and Institutes of the Christian Religion that believed in predestination.

ANSWER: John Calvin or Jean Calvin

6. This movie was based off of Robert Baer’s See No Evil. It sees Dean Whiting and Bennet Holliday undergo the merging of a company fronted by Janus. Its characters include a Matt Damon played character whose son died by electrocution, and Bob Barnes that has his fingernails ripped off, who is saved by Hezbollah. The merger of Connex and Killeen is depicted in this hyperlink cinema movie that got George Clooney an Oscar. For ten points, name this movie which shows the CIA killing Prince Nasir to get the US oil they need.

ANSWER: Syriana

7. This author translated Sesame and Lilies by John Ruskin and wrote the unfinished novel Jean Santeuil. This author wrote about a housekeeper depicting books displayed in groups of three of his favorite author, Bergotte. Another artist by this author is Vinteuil, who composed a sonata that the lover of Odette was obsessed about. He also described Albertine and Gilberte, and he contrasts the Way of Guermantes with the Way of Swann. For ten points, name this author who wrote In Search of Lost Time.

ANSWER: Marcel Proust

8. With Poinsot, this scientist names some stellated polyhedra. This scientist names a conjecture about the average density of packing spheres. The case featuring the Inverse Square Law is a specialized form of the two-body problem named for this man. A trajectory taken by a planet that features a two-dimensional orbital plane is named for this man. He also noted that areas are equivalent when formed from the sun sweeping out to a planet's orbit in his second law. For ten points, name this formulator of three laws of planetary motion.

ANSWER: Johannes Kepler

9. In one work by this name, Rosalie is blackmailed into lying for the protagonist, whose faked illness initiates lies propagated by Amelia Tilford. In another, the title period of time is described as occurring when the narrator honors “Grave Alice, and laughing Allegra, / And Edith with golden hair.” For ten points, give this shared title one of which features the ruined lives of Karen Wright and Martha Dobie, schoolmasters accused of being homosexual in a Lillian Hellman play, and the other about Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s devotion to his offspring for sixty minutes.

ANSWER: The Children’s Hour

10. Pellegrino Tibaldi designed frescoes found it's library whose catalogue was constructed by Benito Montano. Giambattista Castello designed its staircase, and other sections include the Garden’s of the Friars and the Parthenon of the Princes. Originally owned by acetic followers of St. Jerome, its Hall of Battles shows campaigns against the French. Designed by Juan Bautista de Toledo, it functioned as a palace for Philip II. For ten points, name this monastery in Spain that houses many Spanish leaders’ remains.

ANSWER: Monasterio de El Escorial or Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo El Real

11. This reformer's work includes writing about a plan to have Congress adopt Wilson's 14 points and having them study the problems of population. She witnessed Sadie Sachs's death, and got John Rock and Gregory Pincus funding to develop a hormonal pill. However this author of Family Limitations violated an act named for the head of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, Anthony Comstock, and founded the American Birth Control League. For ten points, name this woman who founded Planned Parenting and advocated birth control as a form of negative eugenics.

ANSWER: Margaret Sanger

12. Ardaric of the Gepids defeated this group at Nedao, who was led by the brother of Ernak and Dengizich, Ellac. One of its rulers besieged Ratiaria and Naissus, and was accompanied by Zerco the dwarf, Bleda. Another of its rulers defeated Arnegisclus at Utus and collaborated with Valentian III to attack Toulouse. That ruler of this group had a wife Budrun and succeed Rugila before fighting with Aetius at Chalons, and met the pope at Mincia. For ten points, name this Germanic Tribe ruled the scourge of God, Attila.


13. The variety named for Schlenk involves magnesium filled Grignard reagents, while the constant named for it appears in the van’t Hoff equation and is the subject of the law of mass action. That constant is the ratio of products of a reaction to its reactants, whose factors are powered by their coefficients. Maximum entropy is usually a characteristic of, for ten points, what state, modified by Le Chatelier’s Law in which chemical’s form products and reactants simultaneously.

ANSWER: equilibrium

14. Three Casimirs with epithets, "The Restorer, The Great, and The Just," ruled this nation. This country formed an alliance with a Grand Duchy during the time when Alexander and Sigismund Augustus ruled. In addition to being ruled by the Piast Dynasty and Jagiellonian Dynasty, at one point its western border was the Oder-Niesse Line and the eastern Border was the Curzon Line. It underwent three partitions after joining Lithuania. For ten points, name this nation where Solidarity was founded by Lech Walesa.

ANSWER: Republic of Poland

15. One of these is usually treated with a 1% Permethrin cream and pyrethrins. Another, caused by a spirochetal bacterium, was dubbed “The French Disease” by Girolamo Fracastoro in a 1530 epic poem. A third is asymptomatic when found in the cervix but causes cloudy white discharge from the male urethra. Cold sores are caused by a viral version of them, but it is more famous for causing painful, tender lesions throughout the personal areas. FTP, name these maladies categorized by their method of transmission.

ANSWER: STDs, STIs, or clear equivalent knowledge

16. This man examined the techniques that "Bewilder your opponent by Mere Bombast" and "Claim Victory Despite Defeat" in The Art of Being Right. He argued that humans cause substantial damage to each other during intimacy, labeled as porcupine's dilemma. He wrote "On Din and Noise" in his Parerga und Parilopemina, but he is better known for arguing Dutch still lifes are the best type of art because beauty is seen in everyday objects. That work discusses asceticism as the denial of idea. For ten points, name this author The World as Will and Representation.

ANSWER: Arthur Schopenhauer

17. This man's first serenade was written for a wind octet, and he wrote a cantata based on the life of Rinaldo. His friend Friedrich Holderin provided the text for his Song of Destiny, while Johan Herder did the same for his ballades, and Schiller's texts provided a piece for Anselm Feuerbach, Nanie. His final symphony was in part based off of Bach's "For Thee, O Lord, I Long" and he commissioned his opus 80 for the University of Breslau, while the death of Schumann might have sparked his mass for the dead. For ten points name this composer of Academic Festival Overture and a German Requiem.

ANSWER: Johannes Brahms

18. Zaculeu was a capital for a subset of this group, who was ruled by Kaibil B'alam and called the Mam people. One dynasty that ruled it was founded by K'uk' B'alam who fathered a ruler called "11 Rabbit." Chan Bahlum II, the son of Pecal the Great was another ruler. Pedro de Alvarado conquered Tecun Uman in their decline. The Pyramid of the Soothsayer at Uxmal illustrates their architecture. For ten points, name this Mesoamerican civilization known for their calendar and Chichen Itza.

ANSWER: Mayans (accept stuff like Maya peoples)

19. They are classified as symmetric or asymmetric if the identities of people involved do not matter. John Maynard Smith applied the principles behind these entities into the Evolution of Sex, while John Von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern studied them. Another way to classify them is based on the net gain of participants, zero sum or not, and one example is a Mexican Standoff. For ten points, John Nash won a Nobel Prize in Economics for advancements in the theory of what field that involves strategic situations?

Answer: game theory

20. This man falls in love with the maid with lime colored panties and dates Luciana. He returns to work after The Texan’s good-hearted nature scares everyone, and he is irrational according to Sanderson. His boss is Scheisskopf, and he flies to Sweden to escape Cathcart and Korn, thereby leaving Pianosa. For ten points, name this protagonist who cannot evade piloting duty in Joseph Heller's Catch-22.

ANSWER: John Yossarian (prompt on John, give $1 to those that say Yo-yo and take it)

1. Food and religion don't mix at times. For ten points each,

[10] Ghee is a substance from these animals that Govnda, aka Krishna is supposed to protect.

ANSWER: cows (prompt on cattle, I guess)

[10] These symbols issued out by rabbinical food organizations illustrate foods are kosher.

ANSWER: hechshers

[10] This food arrived with the dew at night. According to the Bible, it had to be collected before the sun's heat melted it.

ANSWER: manna
2. Name these relatively recent winners of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for ten points each.

[10]He won in both 1982 and 1991 for novels in the Rabbit series.

Answer: John Updike

[10]His 1986 winner Lonesome Dove was made into a TV movie starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.

Answer: Larry McMurtry

[10]In addition to winning in 2002 for Empire Falls, he wrote Bridge of Sighs and the academic satire Straight Man.

Answer: Richard Russo
3. Asia is a big continent. Unsurprisingly it has lots of rivers. Name some for ten points each.

[10]It forms 1000 miles of the border between Russia and China before flowing into the Tatar Strait.

Answer: Amur

[10]The main river of Vietnam, it flows in all the way from China and its delta is one of Asia’s main rice-growing river areas.

Answer: Mekong

[10]The longest river in China, it doesn’t flood like the Yellow River and flows into the East China Sea at Shanghai.

Answer: Yangtze (accept Chang Jiang)
4. Quite possibly the best game for the N64 was Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For ten points each, name these details about it.

[10] This green tunic wearing, Master-Sword using, Ganon-fighting, Zelda-saving, Temple of Time entering hero is the protagonist of the game.


[10] These weapons are obtained at Lake Hylia as you take aim and release a certain projectile toward the sun.

ANSWER: fire arrows

[10] This boss is at the end of the Shadow Temple and it consists of two hands that beat drums repeatedly. Using the lens of truth to see the invisible constituent really helps.

ANSWER: Bongo Bongo
5. Identify some losing VP candidates for ten points each.

[10]This House member and New Yorker became the first woman to run as a major party candidate for Vice President when she ran with Walter Mondale in 1984.

Answer: Geraldine Anne Ferraro

[10]Despite reminding Dan Quayle that he’s “no Jack Kennedy,” this Texan failed to win with Michael Dukakis in 1988. He did go on to serve as Secretary of the Treasury under Bill Clinton.

Answer: Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr.

[10]After running and losing with Al Gore in 2000, he was defeated in the Democratic senatorial primary in 2006 and had to run for his seat as an independent.

Answer: Joseph Isadore “Joe” Lieberman
6. Name the following about dimensionless quantities, for ten points each.

[10] Often discussed in lieu of angles, a full revolution of a circle becomes 2pi of these dimensionless units.

Answer: radians

[10] Denoted i, this value accounts for colligative properties and is named for a Dutch chemist that won the first Nobel prize..

Answer: van't Hoff factor

[10] This number named for a man who is the partial namesake of a law that describes black body radiation. It determines the method of transfer of heat, conduction or convection in fluids.

Answer: Rayleigh Number
7. It is subtitled “Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Purcell,” For ten points each:

[10] Name this work, premiered in Britain in 1946.

ANSWER: The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

[10] He wrote The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, in addition to A Ceremony of Carols and War Requiem.

ANSWER: Benjamin Britten

[10] Benjamin Britten wrote his Diversions for this man, as did Maurice Ravel, with his Piano Concerto for the Left Hand.

ANSWER: Paul Wittgenstein
8. It focuses on Varelo the printer and the myopic Baltasar Bustos. For ten points each,

[10] Name this historical novel in which Ofelia marries a marquis.

ANSWER: The Campaign

[10] This author of The Old Gringo and Where the Air is Clear wrote The Campaign.

ANSWER: Carlos Fuentes

[10] Fuentes may be best known for this novel about the titular businessman who had monopolized much of Mexico City.

ANSWER: The Death of Artemio Cruz
9. It features a Hyperchicken who likes to peck his witnesses, and Morbo, a good friend of Richard Nixon, who is a scout for an upcoming alien invasion. For ten points each,

[10] Name this show that features Philip J. Fry.

ANSWER: Futurama

[10] This robot has a grandmother who is a bulldozer and he sacrifices his only son to the robot devil in order to gain an Army of the Damned.

ANSWER: Bender Bending Rodriguez

[10] This recurring character is a robot who loves to use his stabbing knife to stab other robots. While Fry is on trial for robbery, he intimidates Fry while on the stand.

ANSWER: Roberto
10. For ten points each, identify a reformer of the education, the disabled, and the mentally ill.

[10] This brother-in-law to Nathaniel Hawthorne argued against flogging in schools, and propounded his ideas in The Common News Journal.

Answer: Horace Mann

[10] This author wrote about her life in Midstream and The Frost King. She also had a dog named Kamikaze, but is probably better known for being assisted by Annie Sullivan.

Answer: Helen Keller

[10] This woman is known for investigating a mental housing facility on Blackwell Island, and publishing her experiences there as Ten Days in a Mad-House.

Answer: Nellie Bly
11. Identify the following comets for ten points each.

[10] This comet that arrived in 1997 was thought to have an alien spacecraft following it, thus causing the heavens-gate cult to commit mass suicide.

Answer: Hale-Bopp

[10] Hale-Bopp was upstaged by this Comet whose passage near Earth in 1996 became one of the closest comet approaches in 200 years.

Answer: Hyakutake

[10]This comet famously collided with Jupiter in 1994 after Jupiter’s large gravitational and tidal forces ripped the comet into 21 fragments.

Answer: Shoemaker-Levy 9
12. For ten points each, identify some Russians from their 20th century lives.

[10] Assassinated by Ramon Mercader, this leader of the Red Army wrote Problems of the Chinese Revolution and War and the 4th International.

ANSWER: Leon Trotsky or Lev Davidovich Bronstein

[10] This leader of the February Revolution became Minister of Justice in Russia’s provisional government. He became commander in chief after the Kornilov affair and Minister of War before launching a namesake offensive against German forces.

ANSWER: Alexander Fyodorvich Kerensky

[10] This head of a state sent a letter to Samantha Smith.

ANSWER: Yuri Andropov
13. Including painters like Asher Durand and Frederic Edwin Church, they painted Romantic images of American wilderness. For ten points each:

[10]Name this American group of painters who worked primarily but not exclusively in their namesake area in New York.

Answer: Hudson River School

[10]This painter of The Voyage of Life and The Course of Empire series is perhaps the best known member of the Hudson River School.

Answer: Thomas Cole

[10]Featuring Western themes mostly, his work includes “Storm in the Rocky Mountains” and “The Rocky Mountains: Lander’s Peak.”

Answer: Albert Bierstadt
14. Adulis was a major port in this empire whose rulers included Ezana. For ten points each,

[10] Name this empire that might have fallen to the hands of Gudit, a Jewish Queen, and saw the introduction of Christianity into east Africa.

ANSWER: Axumite Empire or Aksumite Empire

[10] The Axum Empire lied in this modern-day country whose rulers included Menelik II. Menelik II defeated Italians at Idowa and established a capital at Addis Ababa.

ANSWER: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

[10] The Aksumite Empire extended into this modern day Arabian country across the Red Sea. Himyarite King Saif ibn Dhi Yazan drove out the Aksumites from the Arabian peninsula.

15. Pierus loved this goddess. For ten points each,

[10] Name this muse of history.


[10] This son of Clio was killed by Apollo with a discus. He morphed into a flower.

ANSWER: Hyacinthus

[10] This god helped ensure Hyacinthus's death by using a gust of wind on the discus. He loved the harpy Podarge, and fathered Balius and Xanthus.

ANSWER: Zephyrus

16. Identify these political entities that had influence near the time of the French Revolution, For ten points each:

[10] Etienne Tourneur and Francois Barthelemy are two members selected by the Council of Ancients, and recommended by the Council of 500 for this body.

ANSWER: French Executive Directory or Directoire Executif

[10] This faction of the National Convention supported a less tyrannical government like the mountain. They maintained their image by distancing themselves from the September Massacres and are named for a region in France.

ANSWER: Girondists or Girondins

[10] The Parisian club in this radical group became identified with Robespierre and eventually became agents of the Reign of Terror.

ANSWER: Jacobin Club

17. Stuff about Dante's Inferno, for ten points each.

[10] What man accompanies Dante as a tour guide of hell?

ANSWER: Vergil

[10] This winged beast lowers Vergil and Dante into the eighth ring of hell.

ANSWER: Geryon

[10] This city is guarded by Cerberus and features those who committed active sins rather than passive sins.


18. Name these body fluids chosen by a clean-minded question writer for ten points each.

[10] This material suspends the brain, and prevents it from getting ischemia, or a restriction of the blood supply.

ANSWER: Cerebro Spinal Fluid

[10] This gel-like colloid fills the spaces between the retina and the lens. It is more viscous then its aqueous counterpart, and its name reflects its appearance with glass.

ANSWER: Vitreous humor

[10] This fluid can be classified as septic and inflammatory. It is used to lubricate namesake joints, subsets of which are ball and socket joints and gliding joints.

ANSWER: Synovial fluid

19. It features Grandmother who wants to go Tennessee, and Stone Tower run by Red Sammy's. For ten points each,

[10] Name this story in which Hiram, Bobby Lee, and The Misfit kill a family.

ANSWER: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

[10] This author wrote “A Good Man is Hard To Find” in addition to “Everything That Rises Must Converge.”

ANSWER: Mary Flannery O'Connor

[10] This O'Connor novel features Mason Tarwater’s death in Powderhead.

ANSWER: The Violent Bear It Away
20. Identify these basic principles found in quantum mechanics. For ten points each,

[10] A mathematical summation of this principle is delta x times delta p is greater than or equal to Dirac’s constant in which delta x is the region a particle can be found and delta p is the range of speeds which the particle is moving at.

ANSWER: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

[10] When this principle was first formulated by its namesake, a fourth number had to be created to account for the fact electrons have a unique set of quantum numbers.

ANSWER: Pauli Exclusion Principle

[10] The laws of thermodynamics indicate that if a system where to reach absolute zero, motion would cease thereby producing no kinetic energy. However quantum systems would have some residual energy that is given this term.

ANSWER: Zero-point energy

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