1. Opening Statement Begin your conversation by asking about this statement

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Use the following thoughts and questions to have one spiritual conversation. You can pick and choose, use them all or just allow the statement to be your guide. The emphasis shouldn’t be about having all the answers, but simply having a conversation.

1. Opening Statement

Begin your conversation by asking about this statement:

Fulfilling God's mission requires unity in spirit, in objective, and in practice.

This statement is the biblical truth the student’s study was built around. Each week there will be one statement that ties the whole study together. These would be great statements to remember together. The hope is that thoughts and ideas will stem from these statements. You can also begin by sharing a thought of your own that you learned during your study of the same lesson. Ask what thoughts were surprising as the study was taught.

2. Thought From the Study
Throughout Paul's letters, we find a strong emphasis on unity among believers. God's mission requires us to seek unity, and the gospel provides our objective and example of unity. To achieve this biblical unity, we must embrace both truth and grace as necessary foundations for unity among God's people.
Why is unity important for believers? What are some ways to build unity among believers?

3. Quote for Discussion

Discuss this quote together. How does this change your understanding of a relationship with Jesus?

“For Christians, communities emerges naturally when we commit ourselves to a mission beyond ourselves.”Michael Frost

4. Conversation Questions

Use these questions to begin thinking through and applying the lessons to your family life:

1. Why is it important for our family to build a sense of biblical unity?

2. How does the gospel drive and exemplify biblical unity?

3. How can our family relationships be strengthened as a result of biblical unity?

4. How does biblical unity motivate our family to live on mission for God?

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