1. It doesn’t work well for mycobacteria, ricketessia, or spirochetes. Urine specimens are often distorted by antimicrobial therapy; certain organisms are especially susceptible to changes in results on this procedure

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From Here to EternityRound 8

1. It doesn’t work well for mycobacteria , ricketessia, or spirochetes.  Urine specimens are often distorted by antimicrobial therapy; certain organisms are especially susceptible to changes in results on this procedure. Metheylene blue and fuchsin are sometimes used as alternatives to the main ingredients. When rinsing off the slide, it is important to wash off the crystal violet and not the culture.  For ten points, name this microbiologic test, which works because the cell walls of certain bacteria are dehydrated by ethanol and acetone, leading them to be classified as positive and negative.

Answer: Gram stain

2. In one depiction, flames surround this god as he stands over Apasmara, and he holds a drum shaped like an hourglass and Agni. One symbol of his worship is Lingam, and he smeared ashes onto his body, called Bhasma. His hair is the source of the River Ganges, and he swallowed the world's sins causing his throat to be blue. Vamadeva and Tatpurusa are two of the five mantras that represent this god, whose consort is Parvati. Usually part of a trio that includes Brahma and Vishnu, for ten points name this Hindu destroyer.


3. He tried to walk back some of his greatest insights in the second edition of his most famous works; Schopenhauer advised his readers that they would be wasting their time unless they used both editions together.  He illustrated one of his concepts by picturing a man wondering whether to reveal the location of a potential murder victim, and that idea is based off of deontological elements, not consequentialist, which he called “categorical imperative.”  For ten points, name this German philosopher, author of Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics and Critique of Pure Reason.

Answer: Immanuel Kant 

4. Making the careers of Atlee Pomerene and Owen Roberts, the case turned on the testimony of M.T. Everhart as to the delivery of bonds.  Follow-on investigations revealed corruption in the Veterans Administration and led to the resignation of Harry Dougherty. Concerned with land in Elk Hills, Buena Vista, and Salt Creek, Harry Sinclair and Edward Doheny spent about $409,000 in cash and $1100 in livestock to facilitate the transaction.  For ten points, give the name of this scandal, in which Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall took bribes to lease U.S. oil reserves in Wyoming.

Answer: Teapot Dome

5. In one work by this person, Consul Bernick allows a rotting, barely-floating ship to sail, but discovers later that his son was a stowaway on that boat. In another work by this writer, Doctor Stockmann tries to put out a warning about contaminated water, but his words fall on deaf ears. In addition to The Pillars of Society and An Enemy of the People, he described a syphilitic young man named Oswald who unknowingly tries to court his half sister. Another play concerns rival historians George Tessman and Eilert Lovberg and their wives, one of whom kills herself at the end with her father’s pistol. For ten points, name this playwright of Ghosts and Hedda Gabler, a Norwegian.

ANSWER: Henrik Ibsen

6. Thixotropic materials are time dependent upon this quantity that is the subject of the Reynolds Number and the Navier-tokes Equation has a zero value for it when it is the Euler Equation. Dividing shear stress and shear strain and mass density yields this quantitiy. For ten points, name this physical quantity, measured in poises, that determines the laminarity or turbulence of flow, the resistance of a fluid to flow at low speeds.

Answer: Viscosity

7. His characters include a man whose use of dynamite to fish goes unpunished until he runs afoul of a “fool dog” called Stormy Weather.  In addition to “The Passing of Cockeye Blacklock,” his creations include the bestial artist Vandover in Vandover and the Brute.  Other works include characters like Minna Hooven and Trina Sieppe, For ten points, name this American naturalist, whose Epic of the Wheat included The Pit and The Octopus, and who also wrote the tale of a San Francisco dentist, McTeague.

Answer: Benjamin Franklin Norris, Jr.

8. Their name, meaning “place of herons” or “place of whiteness,” was adopted by one of their constituent tribes upon their 1325 arrival to their most famous location.  In 1428, their king Itzcoatl decided that people should not know about history and ordered all records destroyed, stymie-ing Fray Diego Duran’s later efforts to determine their origins.  One story has them originating from seven caves, which were excavated in 2000 in the state of Puebla, Mexico.  For ten points, name this Mesoamerican civilization with capital at Tenochtitlan, whose king Montezuma was conquered by Hernan Cortes.

Answer: Aztecs 

9. Known in the natives’ language as Chebucto, it was founded below a drumlin on what was to become known as Citadel Hill.  Between the World Wars, the United States would have opened war with Britain by invading this city after a poison gas attack.  Even that might have been less of a catastrophe than the collisions of the Ino and Mont Blanc, which took place in this city’s harbor in 1917.  For ten points, name this Canadian city, home of Dalhousie University and capital of Nova Scotia.

Answer: Halifax

10. In this novel, London was unable to match the success of Mombasa at the Bokanovsky Process. Citizens can see movies like Three Weeks in a Helicopter and play Centrifugal Bumble-Puppy. The conversation between Mustapha Mond and the protagonist is a vehicle for the author to share philosophy about society. Taking its title from The Tempest, For ten points, name this novel in which Bernard Marx pines for Lenina Crowne, the drug soma delivers “Christianity without tears,” and John Savage struggles with modern society, a dystopia by Aldous Huxley.

Answer: Brave New World

11. The third mission of this name sought to measure the strength of Van Allen Belts, while this series of spacecraft names an anomaly showing an unpredicted change of trajectory. Another mission of this name explored Saturn and the rings before changing heading out to of the Solar System, like its previous incarnation did, as it headed toward Aldeberan by passing through an asteroid belt. The 6th-9th of this operation features a weather network. For ten points, name this NASA program best known for its 10th and 11th probes.

ANSWER: Pioneer program

12. His second string quartet features a vivace movement played in sonata form in the fourth movement, while the third movement is known as his Nocturne. One of his works is a tone poem dedicated to Liszt, while another of his works contains the lines " Fly away on the wings of the wind to our homeland," and appears before the " Konchakovna's Cavatina" of his opera Prince Igor. The composer of the Polovstian Dances, For ten points, name this composer of In The Steppes of Central Asia, who is a member of The Five.

ANSWER: Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin

13. One ruler with this name gave his daughter in marriage to Aspar after his expedition against the Vandals failed when Basilicus defied him. He was known as the “Great Thracian,” and “The Butcher.” A pope with this name issued the Provenditissimus Deus and Rerum Novarum. The tenth pope with this name was a Medici and gave Henry VIII the title “Defender of the Faith.” That pope also clashed with Martin Luther. For ten points, name this name used by Byzantine Rulers and popes, a lion-like name.


14. A city described by this adjective is the seat of Westchester County in New York. J.R. Ewing wore this kind of hat despite the fact that there was nothing good about him. Wilkie Collins wrote about a woman of this sort, as did John Webster when referring to a countess. People of this variety like Apple products, threaten to move to Canada, and the Sunday New York Times, according to a popular blog. Shaun with this last name won the gold medal in the snowboarding halfpipe in the 2006 Olympics.  For ten points, name this color, which describes some really big house that Barack Obama lives in D.C.

Answer: White

15. Among the difficulties with this concept is that it is only defined by its inventor in essentially religious terms; it is hard for psychologists to identify.  Among those these is eupsychia, the culture that would be generated if 1,000 people with this condition lived on an island and built a utopia. Unlike the other concepts it is grouped with, it can never be fully satisfied. It stands at the apex of a group which includes physiological, safety, esteem, and cognitive needs.  For ten points, name this psychological concept, identified by Abraham Maslow at the top of his hierarchy of needs.

Answer: Self-actualization (or self-transcendance)

16. One of the men who resigned had previously served as Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, and Defense, and took his office on the resignation of Richard Kleindienst. The day before this event, John Stennis became involved when the President asked him to review 10 hours of tape and summarize it for an ongoing investigation. White House spokesman Ronald Ziegler made the announcement at 8:25 pm, detailing the one firing and two resignations that had taken place. When they wouldn’t remove Archibald Cox as special prosecutor, the resignations of William Rickelshaus and Elliot Richardson were accepted, and Robert Bork was left to do the dirty deed. For ten points, name this October 20, 1973 event.

Answer: Saturday Night Massacre

17. Its calendar has its 28th day be called "Earth" and its 29th day "Sacred Invocation." It holds that the bottom half of the universe was the second of the seven creations and one hero of it discovers fire in a rock. That hero is Hoshang, a descendant of Gayomard. Sinners will be punished for three days in the end, as Saoshyant will square off against evil. Its follwers pray in front of Fire Temples and their dead reside in towers of silence. For ten points, name this religion whose texts like Visperard and Yasna are found in the Avesta, which relates tales about Ahura Mazda, founded by a namesake Persian prophet.

ANSWER: Zoroastrianism (accept Mazdaism)

18. This is a generalized form of the Tonks-Girardeau gas. Feschbach Resonances can be found in this gas that is at the center of the Thomas-Fermi Equation, a case of the Gross-Pitaevski Equation. Sometimes formed using rubidium, Cornell and Wiemann first synthesized this double-eponymous material. For ten points, name this state of matter cooled to extremely low temperatures, named for an Indian and German Scientist.

ANSWER: Bose-Einstein Condensate

19. One sculpture depicting him, residing in the Borghese in Rome, shows a facial expression modeled on the artist himself as he works the marble.  More famous than the Bernini version is another, earlier work, with a feather running on the figure’s thigh and showing him holding a sword.  A third version was intended for the buttress atop Florence Cathedral but is now in front of the Palazzo Vecchio, shows him before battle instead of after, but, like the other version, in the nude.  For ten points, name this Biblical figure, depicted in bronze by Donatello and marble by Michelangelo.

Answer: David 

20. The beginning of this work has a team of soldiers attempt to retrieve a military satellite in Piedmont. However, the soldiers die as well as the nearby town. This mystery is resolved when the government activates Wildfire, the team of scientists who discover that it is a sulfur-based microbe causing the deaths. For ten points, identify this Michael Crichton thriller about a microorganism that is capable of rapidly clotting blood and degrading plastic.

Answer: Andromeda Strain

TB. He set up a Holy Synod to lead the church and recruited foreigners for the army, enabling increased professionalism in it. He faced down the Old Believers and a rebellion led by Stenka Razin. His establishment of chattel slavery enabled the industrialization of the country as it provided laborers for the new factories, which he started after a grand tour of Europe. For ten points, name this Romanov, succeeded by Catherine the Great, who worked to modernize Russia during his rule from 1696 to 1725.

Answer: Peter I (the Great) (accept either the regnal number or the appellation, prompt on “Peter” alone)

1 .This bonus has three stages. Name these psychologists who invented more stages for ten points each.

[10]His four stages of development culminate in the formal operational stage, in which children can think in abstract terms about the world.

Answer: Jean Piaget

[10]This Harvard psychologist developed six stages of moral development, starting with fear of punishment.

Answer: Lawrence Kohlberg

[10]His eight-stage theory of development starts with trust vs. mistrust.

Answer: Erik Erikson
2. It basically consisted of Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, and one more country, and only lasted from  1819 to 1830.  For ten points each:

[10]Name this former South American nation.

Answer: Republic of Gran Columbia

[10] President for most of Gran Columbia’s history, this “Liberator” failed in a bid for dictator shortly before the country fell apart.

Answer: Simon Bolivar

[10]Gran Columbia’s war with this country led to a territorial dispute between it and Ecuador hinging on a disputed treaty.

Answer: Peru
3. Identify some stuff about Pierre Lapalce, the most famous physicist in the world, for ten points each.

[10] He believed that some stars were so massive that their escape velocity must be greater than the speed of light, thereby postulated a precursor to these entities.

ANSWER: black holes

[10] Lapalce formulated a being that knows the position and momentum of every particle to every particle in the World. Using that information, the being would know everything about the beginning and the end. What is the name given to that being?

ANSWER: Lapalace's Demon

[10] Laplace's coefficients are harmonics described with this adjective, whose coordinate system using r, theta and phi.

Answer: spherical
4. It is the tale of Buck and his adventures as an Alaskan sled dog.  For ten points each:

[10] Name this American novel, including characters like Spitz and John Thornton.

Answer: The Call of the Wild

[10]This former cannery worker and prospector wrote The Iron Heel and White Fang in addition toThe Call of the Wild.

Answer: Jack London

[10]This short story, about an inexperienced prospector’s efforts to save himself after falling through the ice into a creek in bitterly cold weather, is probably Jack London’s best known effort in that genre.

Answer: “To Build A Fire” 
5. Name these works of Ludwig von Beethoven for ten points each.

[10] This, Beethoven’s last symphony, includes a setting of the “Ode to Joy.”

Answer: Ninth (accept Choral)

[10] Originally dedicated to Napoleon, Beethoven changed the dedication to this symphony to “A Great Man.”

Answer: Third (accept Eroica)

[10] Beethoven’s Piano Concerto number 5, to which this name is given, was probably dedicated to his friend Johann Baptist Cramer.

Answer: Emperor 
6. Not every state gets the same days off. For ten points each:

[10]This President of the Confederacy’s birthday is a holiday in Alabama on the first Monday in June.

Answer: Jefferson Davis

[10]The Red Sox play at 11:05 am and the Boston Marathon is run on this day, the third Monday in April.

Answer: Patriots Day

[10]This founder of the United Farm Workers is honored in California on March 31st.

Answer: Cesar Chavez
7. Name these Jewish holidays for ten points each.

[10]Taking place from 15 to 22 in the month of Nisan, this commemorates the delivery of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage.

Answer: Passover

[10]It is not ok for teenagers to drink on this holiday, which commemorates the victory over Haman and whose story is recounted in the Book of Esther.

Answer: Purim

[10]Taking place five days after Yom Kippur, some folks spend this holiday outside.

Answer: Sukkot (accept Feast of Tabernacles
8. Identify the following organs of the human being, For ten points each.

[10] The primary role of this organ is to maintain homeostatic balance of bodily fluids by filtering the blood and excreting the nitrogenous wastes to the bladder.

ANSWER: Kidney

[10] This organ assists in digestion of food by storing a yellow-green fluid known as bile.

ANSEWR: Gallbladder

[10] In the anterior portion of the chest is this organ, whose main function is to store T lymphocytes until maturity.

ANSWER: Thymus 
9. It typically consists of 17 syllables in a 5-7-5 form and often depicted nature.  For ten points each:

[10]Name this poetic form used to write “Record of a Weather-Exposed Skeleton” and “The Monkey’s Raincoat.”

Answer: Haiku

[10] Considered the first master of the form, this teacher, whose nickname refers to the banana hut he lived in, contributed works like The Seashell Game.

Answer: Matsuo Basho

[10] Basho wrote this travelogue about climbing to the heart of the country in dangerous feudal Japan.

Answer: The Narrow Road to the Deep North or The Narrow Road to the Interior 
10. Among their greatest hits were “Sweet Home Alabama” and “What’s Your Name,” and their name was a backhanded tribute to their gym teacher.  For ten points each:

[10]Name this Southern rock band.

Answer: Lynyrd Skynyrd

[10]”If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?” is the first line of this massive Lynyrd Skynyrd hit.

Answer: “Free Bird

[10]This lead singer and primary songwriter of the band was killed when their plane crashed in 1977.

Answer: Ronnie Van Zant 
11. Identify these things relating to the work of Parmigianino, for ten points each.

[10] His self portrait features an enlarged hand because it was painted in one of these objects.

ANSWER: Convex mirror

[10] He painted this woman with a long neck.

ANSWER: Virgin Mary (accept equivalents, accept Madonna)

[10] Parmigianino’s paintings can be classified as part of this era’s work that predates Baroque; it was part of the High Middle Ages and includes El Greco and Tintoretto.

ANSWER: Mannerism (accept word forms)

12. Identify the following about agreements that affected the US in the 20th century, for ten points each.

[10] This doubly-eponymous treaty was broken when Germany invaded Poland. It outlawed war, and like Swaziland, the US has not followed the terms of this accord since.

ANSWER: Kellogg-Briand Pact

[10] The Bryan-Charmorro treaty dealt with the United States being allowed to build a canal in this country. It also allowed for the leasing of the Corn Islands.

ANSWER: Republic of Nicaragua

[10] This secretary of state names a treaty with Banau-Vanilla treaty allowed the US to build a canal in Panama.

ANSWER: John Hay
13. After killing his wife and family, he was presented with some work to do to atone.  For ten points each:

[10] Hera presented this man with 12 labors, including cleaning King Augeas’s stables.

Answer: Heracles (accept Hercules, but give a stern look to people who didn’t notice that we’re using Greek names in this question)

[10] Heracles used fire and his nephew Iolaus’s help to dispatch this nine-headed menace.

Answer: the Lernean Hydra

[10] Heracles also had help from his friends in fighting off the Amazons after dispatching this woman, their queen, and grabbing her belt.

Answer: Hippolyte 
14. Ironically, he was supported for most of his life by the capitalist efforts of his friend Friedrich Engels.  For the stated number of points:

[10]For ten, name this German who wrote the Communist Manifesto with Engels.

Answer: Karl Heinrich Marx

[10]Also for ten, in this three volume economic masterwork, Marx explicates his labor theory of value.

Answer: Das Kapital

[5,5]Marx divided the world into the capitalist and working classes.  Give his names for those classes for five poitns each.

Answers: Bourgeoisie and proletariat 

15. Co-edited by Jean Le Rond d’Alembert, it endeavored to collect all human knowledge in seventeen volumes of text and twelve of plates. For ten points each:

[10]Name this collection released in 1772.

Answer: Encylopedia (accept Encyclopédie: Ou, Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts, et des métiers)

[10]This playwright of Dorval: Or, The Test of Virtue was the primary editor of the Encyclopedia.

Answer: Denis Diderot

[10]This Physiocrat and deviser of the Tableau Econimique wrote the economics articles in the Encylopedia.

Answer: Francois Quesnay

16. Name some European rivers for ten points each.

[10]This historic river flows through London.

Answer: Thames

[10]Rising in the Swiss mountains, it forms Switzerland’s northeastern border with Germany, then flows through the Netherlands and empties into the North Sea.

Answer: Rhine

[10]When this river was linked to the Baltic Sea in the 19th century, it greatly improved its area’s economic prospects.  It and its massive tributary system drains 41% of the European continent.

Answer: Volga 
17. Identify the state home to these rebellions, for ten points each.

[10] George Washington and Henry Lee marched into this state to put down a rebellion caused by a tax on whiskey. Robert Philson and Herman Husband were arrested.

ANSWER: Pennsylvania

[10] Jacob Leisler attacked Francis Nicholson during the Glorious Revolution in this state.

ANSWER: New York

[10] A slave turned carpenter who won his freedom by winning the lottery planned an uprising on Bastille Day in this state in 1822.

ANSWER: South Carolina
18. This author wondered “How can we tell the dancer from the dance?” For ten points each,

[10] Name this poet who wrote about the “indifferent beak” in “Leda and the Swan.”

ANSWER: William Butler Yeats

[10] This poem mentions how the “ceremony of innocence is drowned,” in addition to “things fall apart / the centre cannot hold.”

ANSWER: The Second Coming

[10] While discussing “Sailing to” this place, W.B. Yeats noted “There is no country for old men.”

ANSWER: Byzantium
19. Answer the following about an organic compound, for ten points each.

[10] Also known as ethanoic acid, this weak acid does not completely dissociate in water and is one of the primary ingredients in vinegar.

ANSWER: Acetic Acid

[10] Acetic acid is classified by its COOH group which is this type of organic functional group.

ANSWER: Carboxylic Acids

[10] Acetic acid devoid of this substance is referred to as its glacial variety.

ANSWER: water or H2O
20. Name these groups with something in common for ten points each.

[10]These guys included the Action Squads that helped Benito Mussolini March on Rome in 1922-23.

Answer: Blackshirts

[10]The Nazi SA were known by this similar nickname.

Answer: Brownshirts

[10]The fall of the Han dynasty may have been assisted by a 184 AD peasant revolt by people who wore this article of clothing.

Answer: Yellow turbans (accept Yellow scarves)

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