1. How do we know that the Aztecs had advanced knowledge?

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1. How do we know that the Aztecs had advanced knowledge?

They created irrigation systems, mathematics, calendars, written language, and made medicines from plants.

2. Where was the gold and silver that Pizarro took from the Incas sent?

It was sent to the king of Spain.

3. Describe the Columbian Exchange.

It is the movement of animals, plants, people, and diseases from the Old World to the New World and from the New World to the Old World.

4. Where is Miguel Hidalgo known as the Father of Independence?


5. What religion shows us Spain’s influence in Latin America?

Roman Catholic

6. Who led the revolt that helped Haiti win its independence from France?

Toussaint L’Ouverture

7. Why did the Europeans import slaves from Africa to work on their plantations?

There weren’t many indigenous people because they died from war or disease.

8. What are the two main spoken languages in Latin America today?

Spanish and Portuguese

9. What caused the end of slavery in most parts of Latin America?

Countries gained their independence from Spain.

10. Who was known as “The Liberator” for leading Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador to independence from Spain?

Simon Bolivar

11. What was Miguel Hidalgo’s job in Mexico?

He was a priest.

12. What was caused by European exploration of the Americas in the 1400s and 1500s?

The Aztec and Incan civilizations were destroyed.

13. What city was the capital of the Aztec empire?


14. What animal spread throughout Southwestern North America from Europe?


15. How did Pizarro conquer the Inca Empire?

He surprised the army and took the emperor hostage.

16. Where did Montezuma rule before Cortes came to Mexico?

The Aztecs

17. What city was the capital of the Inca Empire?


18. Who led the Spanish soldiers that conquered the Incan civilization in the 1500s?

Francisco Pizarro

19. What happened to Montezuma soon after he met Cortes?

He was taken hostage.

20. What did Atahualpa hope for when he gave gold and silver to Pizarro?

He hoped that his life would be spared.

21. What was one impact of the African Slave Trade that is seen today?

Ethnic diversity or blending of ethnic groups

22. What Latin American country was most influenced by Portugal?


23. Miguel Hidalgo helped Mexico rise up and gain independence from which country?


24.What was the job of the missionaries sent to the New World from Spain?

to convert the Indians to Christianity

25. Who helped Venezuela gain independence from Spain?

Simon Bolivar

26. Who are the Freedom Fighters?

Simon Bolivar, Miguel Hidalgo, and Toussaint L’Ouverture

27. What was one reason why Cortes and Pizarro were able to conquer the Aztecs and Incas?

Native Americans who may have fought against them were killed by European diseases.

28. Why did Montezuma’s people think he was a great leader before Cortes arrived?

He expanded the Aztecs territory.

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