1. For what reasons has the United States left a deep imprint on the rest of the world?

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Chapter One Study Guide
1. For what reasons has the United States left a deep imprint on the rest of the world?
2. What proof is there of the existence of a single original continent?
3. What features were created in North America ten thousand years ago when the glaciers retreated?
4. How did the Great Ice Age account for the origins of North America's human history?
5. Who were the true discoverers of America?
6. What was the total of the two continents' populations in 1492 when Europeans arrived in the Americas?

7. Describe some of the more advanced Native American cultures.

8. What explains the size and sophistication of Native American civilizations in Mexico and South America?
9. What was the crop that became the staple of life in Mexico and South America?
10. Were was Native American (Indian) civilization least highly developed?
11. What was one of the main factors that enabled Europeans to conquer native North Americans with relative ease?
12. How did most native peoples in North America live before the arrival of Columbus?
13. How was the Iroquois Confederacy able to menace its Native American and European neighbors?
14. What tasks did men perform in the more settled agricultural groups?
15. Why did the early voyages of the Scandinavian seafarers not result in permanent settlement in North America?
16. How were the Christian crusaders indirectly responsible for the discovery of America?
17. Why did Europeans want to discover a new, shorter route to eastern Asia?
18. Why was sub-Saharan Africa remote and mysterious to Europeans before the middle of the fifteenth century?
19. Where can the origins of the modern plantation system be found?
20. When was Spain united into a single nation-state?
21. Why did Spain look westward in an effort to reach the Indies?
22. After his first voyage, where did Christopher Columbus believe that he had sailed?
23. Why did Columbus call the native people in the "New World" Indians?
24. What did Europe provide to the new interdependent global economic system that emerged after Columbus's discovery?
25. What was the result of the introduction of American plants around the world?
26. What effect did European contact with Native Americans have on them? Why?
28. What disease did European explorers introduce into the New World?
29. What was the result of the flood of precious metal from the New World to Europe?
30. What was the institution of encomienda?
31. Why did men become conquistadors?
32. Why did the Aztec chief Montezuma allow Cort‚s to enter the capital of Tenochtitlœn?
33. Know the following explorers and the area that each explored: Coronado, Ponce de Leon, Cortes, Pizarro
34. Describe the treatment of the Native Americans by the Spanish conquistadors.
35. Why did Spain fortify and settle its North American border lands?
36. What was the result of Pop‚'s Rebellion in 1680?

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